6 Great Fall Family Feasts


One of the best parts of beginning a new season is the opportunity to adapt your everyday eats to the bounty of that season. To me, fall means apples and pumpkins and comfort (read: cheeeeese). Mmm! It’s always a challenge to decide what new recipes we should try, so today you can skip visiting Pinterest (at least for a couple hours)! I’ve planned out six mouth-watering fall family feasts, so just pick the category that best applies to your family, and go with it. Or, you know, pick and choose from all the feasts because if there’s one thing that’s true about most families, it’s that everyone loves food! 🙂

6 Great Fall Family Feasts | http://nashville.citymomsblog.com

For bonus family fun, turn dinner prep into an outing, and visit a local apple orchard, pumpkin patch, or farmer’s market to purchase all the fresh ingredients needed for these seasonal recipes. I know my family will be doing many of these activities this fall, and I can’t wait. Enjoy!

The All-American Family

This family has 2.4 children, a swing set in the backyard, and . . . wait, there’s no true “All-American Family” anymore. This family loves their meat and potatoes though. What’s more All-American than that? For this menu, trade a normal chicken dinner, complete meatballs as a starter, mac ‘n cheese as a side, and floats for dessert for a fall family feast involving squash, apples, and pumpkin. Hooray!

The On-The-Go Family

This family lives in their minivan as they run from soccer practice to ballet lessons and everything in between. Family time is precious, so dinner shouldn’t be complicated. For this menu, make ahead options and the crockpot combine to make a fall family feast—complete with seasonal flavors like cranberry, maple, pumpkin, apple, and even bacon. Everyone is sure to enjoy this feast!

The Adventurous Hipster Family

This family is always up for trying something new—and is trendy as can be in the process (hence the  hipster label). They’re no strangers to interesting activities and ingredients, so their menu is full of unique ingredients that aren’t always seen as “kid friendly” like goat cheese, curry, and Brussels sprouts. This fall family feast is as unique as it is seasonal.

The International Family

This family loves to travel . . . even if just with their taste buds. This fall family feast takes a nod from almost every corner of the world. It centers around the seasonal goodness we all know and love though, so that makes it accessible and endearing.

The Tailgate Family

This family loves sports—especially football—and throwing together a good tailgate is the best part of their week. Why not combine classic make-ahead football cuisine and grilled favorites with the flavors of fall for a family feast? Go team!

The Vegetarian Family

Last but not least, this family doesn’t eat meat but that doesn’t mean they don’t like tasty food! This fall family feast also includes a few vegan options and lots of hearty fall vegetables.

What are your favorite fall recipes?

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