A Nashville Mom’s Back to School Guide


We’re gearing up to begin another school year and we know that brings excitement for some and panic for others. We’ve rounded up some of the Back-to-School posts from  throughout the years and have organized them into one spot to make it easier for you to find the resources you need.

A Nashville Mom’s Back-to-School GuideCheers to a happy Back-to-School season and a great year!

A Nashville Mom’s Back-to-School Guide


Helpful Hints for Easing the Back-to-School Transition
How to Help With Back-To-School Anxiety

Starting school or going back to school can be a stressful time. Here are some things to consider to ease the transition.

And Some Help for the New to School Moms

The struggle is real. Sometimes there are tears — and not just from the kids!

Organization Tips for Easy Back to School Mornings

We all needs ideas on how to keep things moving more smoothly, right?

How to Get Back Into The Grind


Back to School Shopping & Tax Free Weekend

Let’s face it. School supplies can really add up. Multiple kids (and multiple schools) can really cause that number to skyrocket! Read up on tips for sales and lower cost ways to fill those needs.

Meals & Snacks

School Lunches

One Lunch at a Time

Help fuel your child for success by packing a nutritious lunch. Check out these ideas.

After School Snacks

Easy Back to School Snacks

All of these ideas are easy and can be made ahead of time or quickly made once the kids hop off the bus! Hopefully, this list inspires you with some fun ideas for your children and help make the time between school and dinner a little bit tastier! After a long day of learning, a filling, yet healthy snack is just what the kiddos or even mom needs to tide her over until dinner. These are perfect to take on the go if you are heading to practice or other after-school activities.


Kids Eat Free Guide

Let’s be real. Sometimes (or a lot) we need a break from cooking. There are money saving deals on this list for every day of the week!

For The Moms

Free First Day of School Printable Sign

If you want to join in the annual social media tradition of the “child going off to school holds a commemorative sign,” we can help. Use the link above to download a sign.

Must-Haves for Moms!

A list of items to make your life easier as the kids make their way back to school!

I’m Going to Miss Her

If you have a child going to school full-time have you thought about what you are going to miss most?

School Safety

A great article to think about the safety of your child while in school.

Is it Preschool Yet? Cuz I’m Done

“It needs to be preschool. Someone else needs to care for you, even if it’s only for three hours. Cuz I’m done.”

I Didn’t Expect to Cry at Preschool Dropoff

“I saw the back of his head, watched his little feet as he stepped to the door, and I cried.”

Letter to Your Kindergartner

This letter was written from a mom to her son on his first day of Kindergarten. These moments are bittersweet. Enjoy every moment!

Getting Back Into a Fitness Routine

With the kids back at school, now is the time to get back to your self-care routines.

When Mom Goes Back To School

What happens when mom decides to go back to school?


10 Great Educational Apps

Screen time can be beneficial. These apps help reinforce reading and math skills, sorting, classifying, and problem-solving.

5 Tablet Apps for Kindergarten Readiness

“It is of great comfort to me to have found educational games I can trust are actually teaching my children and stimulating their creativity.”

Age Appropriate Books for Reading Aloud Together

We wish you a wonderful Back-to-School season!

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