This Valentines Day — I love ME so much!


I have literally never said, “I love myself.” I like me. I’m pretty cool, I guess. I think I’m pretty funny. I think my friends like me. But wow, it is so hard to say these three simple words: “I love ME.”

It is so easy to nit pick my flaws, but so much harder to identify my strengths. I tell my baby girl every day how smart she is, how strong she is, how kind she is. But can I say the same things about myself?

So this Valentine’s Day, I vow to work harder to really love myself. Because if I can lead my child by example, if I can work on my own daily affirmations while announcing my daughter’s strengths, we will both thrive together. I loved the book The Help for so many reasons. But when Aibileen affirms Mae Mobley each morning with, “You is kind, You is Smart, You is Important,” it brings tears to my eyes. As women, we need to know our worth. Stronger women make better wives, better mothers, and better friends.

In order to love yourself, it is important to take care of yourself. Not just eating right and exercising, but finding time to really relax and do things you love. I love to get pedicures by myself. I get to lay back and relax while someone rubs my feet while I sip wine and read a book. I’ve made a promise to myself to get monthly pedicures. I have also made a commitment to drinking more water and taking 30 days off alcohol just to give my body a little boost. Nothing too drastic, just something I can commit to for a short time. I’m excited to see how I feel about loving myself at the end of this month.

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Courtney Paterson
Courtney was born and raised in Franklin, Tennessee. She is a graduate of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and the Cecil C. Humphrey School of Law at the University of Memphis. A practicing civil litigation attorney in downtown Nashville, she may look familiar — because she was featured in a Krystal commercial with two of her friends and her face was on the Krystal cup while that commercial aired. Courtney is a huge fan of football, and when she is not traveling, she can be found checking out live music in Nashville. She currently lives in Franklin with her husband Clark, baby girl Elaine (who is the easiest/sweetest baby, and the love of their lives), and 11 year old mixed breed dog Penny.


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