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As a veteran military family, I love that Veteran’s Day comes just before Thanksgiving. What a wonderful opportunity to thank those who sacrificed for our freedom and to show appreciation for their service. One great way to say thank you is to serve through volunteering  on Veteran’s Day. Teaching our children to value our troops and honor their sacrifice is one of the best lessons we can give them as parent. Observing this holiday by serving others is time well spent creating grateful hearts and unforgettable memories.

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Ways to Serve

Read a short history about Veteran’s Day to teach younger kids the significance of why we observe this holiday. Encourage your child to write or draw a list of eleven things for which they are thankful. We all likely know—or know someone who knows—a veteran. Have your children create a card thanking them for their service. Many nursing homes house veterans. I’m sure many of them would love to receive cards for these residents. The VA Hospitals in Nashville and Murfreesboro welcome volunteers. Volunteering is a hands on way for older kids to serve.

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For another opportunity to serve, check out A Soldier’s Child Foundation. This foundation supports the children of fallen soldiers. They let them know they are not forgotten. One way they do this? They purchase birthday gifts with money donated for these children. My kids had a blast picking out and wrapping birthday gifts for these kids. Working with this foundation allowed a great opportunity to discuss the sacrifice military families make for our country. These veteran’s protect freedoms we enjoy each day. It allowed my children to see not only how blessed we are as a country but how blessed we are as a family. Other ways they serve: celebrity golf tournaments, sponsoring families at Christmas, summer camps, and more.

Ways to Support

Attend the Veteran’s Day parade on Broadway in Nashville. Go see the parade in Nolensville. Observe the service in Murfreesboro to honor veteran’s on November 11. Wear your patriotic clothing. Wave your flags. Line the streets for these men and women. And thank them for their sacrifice. Just show up. Display your support!

My husband is a veteran. He appreciates every “thank you for your service” he gets. He always replies, “Thank you for your support.” Taking just an hour or two out of your month to show support is a simple gesture. But I promise it goes a long way. Volunteer—if not for a veteran foundation, then for a food bank or animal shelter. Or clean out your closets and bless someone else with those things you no longer need or want. Involve your kids. Teach them to love their neighbors, be thankful for the veteran’s that have afforded their freedoms, and to keep an attitude of gratitude throughout their whole lives.

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