Joanna Lemmon

Joanna is a true southern girl who is new to the Nashville area. She has spent the last fourteen years moving to six different states and living in eleven different homes while her husband served in the military. Through these multiple moves with her husband, three kids, and two dogs, she has claimed herself to be a family travel expert. She has tried to live like a tourist in each state in which she has lived and is always excited to discover new events and activities. She home schools her three children and believes good coffee and abundant sunshine are a must—no matter where she roams.
Country Music Hall of Fame

Home Schooling in Nashville

As soon as you find out you are pregnant, the questions start. Hospital or home birth? Epidural or natural? Formula or breast milk? And these questions never end! When my first born reached preschool age,...

Exploring Nashville — Without Kids

I don't know about you. But" back in the day," I always tried to find fun things to do. Lately, now that I am older and have three kids, those "fun things" seem to have...

New Year’s Eve — With the Kids

Remember those New Year's Eves spent counting down to the new year with a champagne flute in one hand, loud music blaring from the band, people all around you, chaos and happy vibes flowing?...
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Serve and Support This Veteran’s Day

As a veteran military family, I love that Veteran's Day comes just before Thanksgiving. What a wonderful opportunity to thank those who sacrificed for our freedom and to show appreciation for their service. One great way to...
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Teaching Children Gratitude

A sign hangs in our kitchen that says "Be Grateful." A simple statement, but loaded with meaning. I search for ways to teach my children gratitude — to prevent their feeling entitled to anything. Thankfully, my children, for...

Top 5 Fall Family Hikes Near Nashville

Fall is such a spectacular time of year. The cooler temperatures beg you to lace up those hiking boots, put on that cute new vest, grab a warm drink, and get outside! According to...

A Life Filled with Love

We sit on our back porch, watching the sun set between the saddle of the hills as its vibrant hues of oranges and pinks challenge the fire sparking next to me. My children laugh and...