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Aging Coming to Terms NMB

Thankfully, I have always been a pretty healthy person. I’ve never struggled with any blood pressure, diabetes, or even weight issues. (I work really hard to NOT be obese although I always feel I could stand to lose a few pounds.) I work out consistently and try to eat well, but I’ve also realized that just not eating junk doesn’t mean I’m eating healthfully either. I take my vitamins and get as much fiber in my diet as I can manage.

However, even doing all these things doesn’t keep that nasty little word from happening to me—aging. Oh, the joys of aging! The lines around my eyes and across my forehead have just starting screaming, “Hello!” at me each morning in the mirror. Just this last week, I chuckled at my best friend who was holding a receipt at arm’s length so she could read the prices. Then, I realized that I’m next. {Insert multiple sad face emojis here.} A few months ago, I was in the emergency room with severe stomach pains—welcome diverticulosis into my life. I have also recently seen a rheumatologist for joint pain. Oh, hello, arthritis! All of this has happened in the last year.

It feels as though all of these things just crept up overnight and out of nowhere. And it hit me one day: this is all part of aging! Yikes! The best I can do is take care of my body. I will keep moving, use a good skincare regimine (AND SUNSCREEN!), and eat to fuel and care for my body. (I also have an eye exam scheduled for tomorrow!)

We can laugh (or cry!) about the skin beginning to sag on our neck (or elsewhere). We can continue to whine over the cost of skincare products, glasses, or even medical bills. But let us always remember how fortunate we really are. When complaining about my hospital visit to a friend recently, I griped, “Getting old sucks!” To that, she calmly and wisely replied, “At least we get to grow old.”

Touche, friend. Touche.

What’s the hardest part about growing older for you? What’s the best part?

Aging NMB


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