Celebrate Valentine’s Day With a Family Breakfast


The first year I made Valentine’s breakfast for my family, my oldest daughter was still an only child. She loved the decorations and the food and getting to celebrate early in the morning before she went to preschool and Mom and Dad went to work. We had so much fun that year, but I never thought it would be a celebration that stuck. But without fail, every year since then, my daughter has requested a special Valentine’s breakfast. Now we have three kids, so I try to keep it as simple as possible. Here are the three things I do every year to show my family love on this special day.


Simple is the name of the game when we have to get three kids out the door to school by 6:45. Pancakes or waffles (frozen is totally acceptable!) with strawberry syrup, chocolate, and whipped cream. My quick tip for strawberry syrup is to heat up a jar of all-fruit strawberry jam on the stove. If I’ve got a few extra minutes, I’ll make some bacon too.


The Target dollar spot is your friend when it comes to adorable and inexpensive Valentine’s Day decorations. Look for placemats, heart shaped plates, window clings, and much more to make your morning extra festive. Also, I always get a bag of balloons. My kids go wild over 12 balloons to toss around when they are done eating breakfast.


Again, simple is best. A handmade valentine, a small piece of candy, and maybe some small items like stickers, pencils, or bubbles (again, check the dollar spot or your local dollar store). My daughter loves when they come in a cute basket or a miniature mailbox. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to see a big smile on your child’s face!

I hope these quick and easy tips will help you and your family have a special celebration this year.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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