10 Ways To Beat Summer Boredom


Hooray! Summer is finally here! The excitement lasts for….approximately 2 days at my house, before we hear the dreaded words “I’m bored.” And when kids are bored, they seem to want to turn to screens- which aren’t inherently bad, but we definitely don’t want to spend all summer on them.

In this post, we’ll give you some fun ideas to help break up the summer boredom, so you don’t lose your mind, and your kids have some fun, too!

10 Ways To Beat Summer Boredom10 Ways To Beat Summer Boredom

1. Get Outside!

This seems obvious but is a really great way to break up the day. If your kids are old enough to go outside by themselves, you’re living the dream! Send them out for a specified amount of time and see what they can come up with! If your kids are littler, think of some activities you can do together. Sports, water gun fights, obstacle courses, or just taking a walk can be great ways to get outside.

2. Scavenger Hunts

Plan a fun scavenger hunt! Scavenger hunts are great because they can be done inside or outside. They can be done at home, or out, like at a park. For older kids, a mall scavenger hunt can be really cool!

Check out this one for an easy preschool-age scavenger hunt, or this one for some older kid ideas.

3. Water Play

This is one of our family’s favorite things to do in the summer. It’s hot in Nashville! We are always looking for ways to stay cool. We love going to our neighborhood pool, the local community pool, or a splash pad. Go to our guide for a great list of pools and splash pads.

Water fun can be had at home, too! Fill up a couple of inflatable pools, a slip & slide or two, add water guns or water balloons, and you’re sure to have a blast!

4. Oreo Taste Test

There are so many varieties of Oreos out now! Grab all the fun flavors you can find, and set up a taste test. Have kids vote on their favorites, and put it into a graph (a little math is an added bonus!)

5. Talent Show

Put all that extra energy to good use and have a talent show. This is great to invite the neighbor friends as well. I love this idea because it can be put on outside, too. Make it a  whole fun event and invite the neighbors to watch and have some fun snacks. You’ll get to know your neighbors better, and your kids will have fun!

6. Make Slime

Who doesn’t love slime?? Haha…just kidding, only the kids love slime, the parents don’t love the mess! But, the beauty of summer is it can be done outside. Here is an easy recipe that doesn’t require Borax. It’s a double-duty activity- they have fun creating it, and then get to play with it!

7. Tie-Dye

This is another one of our family’s favorite summer activities. You can buy a whole tie-dye kit at most craft stores. Get a bunch of white shirts & have at it! It’s fun to do white socks too, or white bandanas!

8. Paper Crafts

This one is great for an indoor activity when it’s too hot or rainy. All you need is construction paper, glue sticks, and maybe some kid-safe scissors. If your kids are able, let them cut squares out themselves. If they need assistance, you can use a square punch to easily and quickly cut them out. Give them the supplies, and see what they can create!

Origami is another fun paper craft. A simple Google search will give lots of origami options based on skill level.

9.  Read A Book

It’s a lost art, I know! Summer can be the perfect time to pick up a good book. This is great for all ages. Take a trip to the library and let them pick out some books that interest them. A great incentive is to set a reading amount that has to be done before they can have any screen time. Their teachers in the fall will thank you for this!

10. Play A Game

There are so many games available for all ages. Preschoolers can learn the basics of game playing with simple games like Candy Land or Chutes & Ladders, while elementary-age kids can play more challenging games that you might enjoy as well. Playing a game together as a family is a fun way to have quality family time while also helping beat the summertime boredom!

I hope you found some useful ideas to help your kids have a little fun this summer. Let us know in the comments what other boredom busters you do!


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