Birthday Party Ideas: Summer Edition


Before my daughter was born in June, the day Summer officially starts, I never gave it much thought when it comes to summer birthdays. But now, for the last five years, it has been quite fun to plan.

Of course, there are some pros as well as cons to summer birthdays. The first con being that kids are out of school- meaning some are on vacation, some are changing school, and this makes it slightly more challenging to get their group of friends together. You also don’t get the excitement of sending birthday treats and celebrating with their class to jazz up a school day, which some kids really enjoy.

However- the pros are numerous. There are so many fun options for summer birthday parties! I’ve gathered here some of the most popular summer birthday parties ideas, all inspired by actual parties we have either hosted or attended over the last few Summers!

Splash Pad

This is on the top of the list for a reason- it is my favorite! We’ve hosted a splash pad birthday party two years in a row, and it is just as much fun for the parents as it is for the kids (not to mention low maintenance!).

There are several splash pads in the Nashville area– our personal favorites are the Franklin Williamson County Recreation Center and the Fischer Park in Spring Hill.

These parties not only help keep the kiddos cool, it also gives the parents a chance to sit back and hang out as well. Depending on the Splash Pad you choose, there are tables or pavilions so that you can set up a cake and food area in the shade. Fischer Park (as well as many other parks) offers you the option of reserving a pavilion for a day so you can be sure you will have the area to yourselves. This park also has a playground right next to the splash pad so needless to say, the fun is endless. Word of advice though- don’t use balloons for decorations. It tends to get windy and those are very hard to use in outdoor settings. We’ve enjoyed using “yard signs” of the characters our daughter enjoys as well as anything that can be hung and won’t blow away.

Park Day        

No splash pad? No problem. There is an endless list of parks, and as mentioned above, the vast majority offer the option of reserving a pavilion. There are also several companies that offer solutions for “glamping” and picnics that can come in handy for park parties. Parks not only have a playground, but they offer a blank canvas and open space for several outdoor games and activities that kids are bound to enjoy. It’s another low maintenance way of celebrating that keeps the kids busy and entertained. A cool option is also a food truck or ice cream truck- they can usually be rented out for events and park close to the playground.

Back Yard Water Play

There is something to be said about the convenience of being at home for parties. Everyone comes to you, and you can spend the day getting ready without having to run around with decorations or food. I’ve seen several small businesses pop up- from inflatable bounce houses to inflatable water slides and set ups. These are super easy considering you do none of the set up- all you need most of the times is a yard and a water hose. I would encourage you to review all the options available locally- there seem to be many and each year they get better and more creative! Also check out my ideas of water play.


Ahh, air conditioning! Now that we have already touched on the outdoor party ideas, let’s move inside. Bowling is an awesome way to cool off and enjoy the company of friends (not to mention- as a parent- it is quite fun watching your little one try something new that requires coordination). Different locations offer different package options which often include a party room, food, drinks, and a basic set of decorations.


Games are fun for all ages. I know when we have attended parties in Arcades- most recently Chucky Cheese – I had way more fun than I anticipated. This keeps everyone engaged and there’s such a variety of options that will suit everyone from young to old. Most arcades offer tickets for winning- meaning at the end, your little ones can pick from prizes. This eliminates the need for any goodie bags, if those are not something you wanted to worry about putting together, too! Like bowling, most arcades do offer packages with food, drinks, and of course- endless fun.

Spa Day

Hear me out- this one may not be the most traditional and may historically draw a more mature crowd. But did you know there are kid-friendly spas out in our area? You can arrange for a group of friends to get manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, facials, and more. There is one in Brentwood that offers very affordable packages and allows you to pick a theme to suit your child’s preferences. Talk about feeling spoiled- and relaxed! You can even bring in champagne flutes for juice for an even more glam look and feel. Robes are included too!

Do you have a favorite way to celebrate a summer birthday? Whatever you choose, it is bound to be a hit!

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