Take a Look Inside Yourself





Not good enough….

Not worthy…..


Not pretty enough…..

You can’t do it….

Ever heard any of those things before? I bet you have because I have too. And you know where they come from nine times out of ten? YOU! If you wouldn’t say these things to your spouse, your friend, your child, then why in the world would you feed these negative thoughts to yourself? (And if you are saying these things to anyone else, then sis, you need to work on your attitude)

The most debilitating thing we can do to our psyche is feed it negative trash talk. After a while, you start to believe these things. Hey, we all have things we would love to change about ourselves, but Rome wasn’t built in a day! And some things are not meant to be changed. I believe that there are ways to work on and improve ourselves and I am a big proponent for self-improvement. But learn to accept WHO you are, and build on that! You want to get healthy- then work out and eat better! You want to become more spiritual- learn to pray and read your Bible. You want to improve your relationships around you- learn to be happy with yourself first.

Every night before bed, get in the habit of telling yourself something you love about yourself, or something positive you did for the day. I am all for spreading kindness like confetti and telling others what they mean to you. But we have to take care of ourselves too! YOU. ARE. IMPORTANT!




MORE than good enough….


SO very loved….


You can do it!….

Change your thoughts, change your perspective, change your outlook…and you just might change your happiness. 

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Heather Seay
I am a single mom to two beautiful girls, Madison and Ellie. I work from home for a software company based out of Austin, and also work as a Plunder Design jewelry stylist. I live in Murfreesboro, and love suburban life! I am active in my church, World Outreach, and love supporting my alma mater MTSU. You can find me in Nashville any given Sunday in the fall, cheering on my beloved Titans! I am a huge football enthusiast, and love sports in general. In my downtime, I enjoy binging on Gilmore Girls, which I have seen over a hundred times each- it's a lifestyle!


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