Be Brave“Be Brave!” We have heard the term brave or bravery all of our lives. When I think of bravery, I think of superheroes- our military, police and firefighters- people who risk their lives for others. But I think bravery is a quality all people have inside of them, we just have to dig for it sometimes. This world can be a scary place, especially as a mama. When you are responsible for little lives, and have to protect them, care for them, and one day let them free in this big world; well that requires a lot of bravery!

In honor of National BRAVE Day, I wanted to write a piece that could inspire you, and hopefully in turn, you can inspire others! On the fourth Friday in September, National BRAVE Day honors women who lift each other up, rescue each other and make each other BRAVE.

The Sweetlife Women founded National BRAVE Day in 2017 in honor of their founder, Kaci Stewart. She has been the catalyst for making a difference in women’s lives. By honoring their founder, Sweetlife Women hopes the observance will be a spark of encouragement to women and a reminder to strengthen one another. Sweetlife Women has been in existence for ten years, and they look for ways to make women BRAVE and give help and guidance where needed.

The dictionary defines brave as “ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.” As a mom, I think this definition is very fitting. We face decisions every day that require bravery. Do we stay home with our kids, do we take that job that might require more time away from our home and kids, do we allow our kids to go certain places or play that sport; the list goes on and on. Being a mom (or parent in general) requires strength, courage, and the knowledge that you will face many hard decisions and pain in your lifetime.

How can you be brave? And how can you pass that encouragement on to other moms?

Take time for yourself. When life gets to be too much to bear, make sure you are taking a step back to recalibrate yourself. Find encouragement in scripture, faith, or wherever you find inspiration. A lot of the times, we just need some quiet time to reflect and breathe. Then we can see the problems we are facing and tackle them head on. Life is full of valleys and peaks. Most of the time, after walking through the valley, when we get to the peak, we look back and realize it wasn’t as hard as we had imagined, and we gained wisdom and strength that better prepare us for the road ahead.

We can look around us at any given time, and see someone who is suffering. We need one another to make it through this life, we were not meant to do it alone. So be that glimmer of hope or shining light that another women needs. A little goes a long way in making someone feel special and changing the course of their entire day.

  • Send a gift card for a cup of coffee, with an encouraging note

  • Write a handwritten note or card, and mail it to a friend

  • Drop off a meal

  • Send a simple text- “Have a wonderful day!” and “You are doing great!” go a long way!

  • Tell someone you are thinking of them- small sentiments have a big impact

  • Let people know that you love them. I think we forget to say these words, and assume people just know- get in the habit of saying it more often!

  • Ask a friend how you can pray for them or if they need help. They might say no, but the action alone shows you care, and let’s them know they have you in their corner.

  • Compliment others

Remember mama, you are beautiful, strong, and you are BRAVE!



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