Spring Capsule Wardrobe — A 2nd & 3rd Trimester Update


 “Can I make this work? What if I pair this with this? Does this fit me better now?”

sprTypically, I hate to say no to things or close proverbial doors. However, I’ve realized that if there’s one way to make my life easier, it’s by eliminating options in my wardrobe.  After successfully weeding through my stuff and creating my first capsule wardrobe this winter, I was ecstatic to realize the many benefits of purging and organizing the stuff that remained. The first and most obvious plus was the space found from removing the clutter in my closet. The second and far better outcome was the release from daily stress. I didn’t realize how much energy I was putting into evaluating my clothes on a daily basis, nor did I realize how much time I was letting slip away by trying on something and inevitably taking it off immediately or five minutes later because I didn’t feel comfortable.

The capsule wardrobe only holds seasonably appropriate clothes that I love and know I feel good in. Everything else is gone or stored for another season. Someday, I might even pare it down further to a daily ‘uniform’ like this New Yorker—especially if I return to an in-office job.

Outfit one: Blue striped maxi dress, grey cardigan
Outfit one: Blue striped maxi dress, grey cardigan

This Spring, I am transitioning from the second to third trimester of my third pregnancy. After my last wardrobe post (where I shared how to get started and made the social media announcement of my pregnancy), several friends gave me their old maternity clothes. (So thankful—as we weren’t planning on more than two kids, and I had given everything away!) I used the same process with the stuff I had stored for the spring and the new-to-me clothes as I did when purging my wardrobe: I took everything out of my closet and bagged up the winter wear to store in the attic. Then, I tried on what was left and made piles of Stuff I Love (and makes me feel good!), Maybes, and Not For Me. I found new homes for the pile that didn’t work for me and bagged up the Maybes. Then I hung up the stuff that remained.

Outfit 2: blue striped maxi dress, white tank, pink long sleeve
Outfit 2: blue striped maxi dress, white tank, pink long sleeve

Because my body is growing at a normal but somewhat alarming rate, I gave myself a little more flexibility this season than last. I ended up with 32 items in the closet and several folded-but-nearby options that are really more summery in color and cut but that I may fit into sooner rather than later. I also kept a few things in the closet for work meetings or ‘just in case’—like the blue silk skirt and black blazer—but I doubt I’ll be putting on those items.

I had my capsule complete and spent a few weeks weeding more things out. I then got to attend a clothes swap with my friends. I really didn’t need anything, but I totally scored on a few maxi dresses and maternity swim suits. Usually, I come home from these swaps with a big bag of stuff to try out and end up finding homes for stuff that really doesn’t work. This time, because I had already figured out what’s working for me, I came home with about six things—five of which fit beautifully.spring wardrobe capsuleBesides the time and energy saved, I’m learning to find styles that flatter my body—a skill I’ve never really possessed until now. Here are a few of my outfits (layers, layers, layers for this rainy/cold-turned humid/hot Nashville spring). What do you think?!?

spring wardrobe collage



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