Mandy Wallace

Mandy moved back to Nashville with her husband (Joe) to raise their kids a few years ago and is convinced it was one of the best decisions they've made. She loves setting off on adventures of all sorts, whether they be roadtrips to the coast, nature walks around their block in East Nashville, or camping with friends and family. Wherever she is, you will most likely find her with a book or two within arm's reach. Mandy stays at home with the boys and her baby girl and works as a grantwriter and general website whiz for small non-profits. A lover of spreadsheets and lists, she occasionally gets personal about personal finance, sharing challenges and strategies of efficiently managing a household, at her blog: Stay At Home Money Manager. You can email her directly at stayathomemoneymanager [AT] gmail [DOT] com.
When You Want Another Baby . . . And He Doesn't

When You Want Another Baby . . . And He Doesn’t

You're supposed to compromise in marriage, but how do you find middle ground when you want another baby and your partner doesn't? It's a life-altering decision with major financial and logistical repercussions—and you can't really meet...
Family Trip to Rocket City (Huntsville, AL)

Family Trip to Rocket City (Huntsville, AL)

You might know Huntsville, Alabama for The Space & Rocket Center. But this little Southern city has so much more...including art, wonderful festivals and annual traditions, trains, Legos, and the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains....
Camping with Kids Family Friendly Food Ideas

Camping with Kids: Family Friendly Food Ideas

Planning meals for the family is the most daunting task for me when planning a camping excursion, but feeding the very hungry masses is essential to keep spirits high when out in the woods...

10 Fifteen Minute Workouts to Sneak into Your Day

I've come to embrace the fact that I'm not going to pack up the kids to go to the gym. Packing bags, putting on all the shoes and jackets and what-have-you, buckling seatbelt—then unbuckling, getting everyone...

We Quit Youth Soccer — and We’re Not Going Back

I remember that before I became a mom I could be caught rolling my eyes at the soccer field near my parents' house filled with little kids running around on Saturday mornings. I never played...

12 Pro Tips: Freezer to Slow-Cooker Meals (and Swaps)!

I love coming home from a busy afternoon to the delightful smell of a home cooked meal, don't you? Thai curry knocking you over the head or sweet chili wafting through the hall . ....

SNOW DAY Cocktails — What You Need at the End of the Snow Day

Another snow day? No chance to re-up at the wine store? (And remind me again when are they going to start selling wine in grocery stores in Tennessee?!) Nevermind all that. We've got you covered....

What to Expect: Newborn Photo Shoot

I was reading through Shannon's hilarious (and wise!) rules for people who want pictures of their babies but hate baby pictures... and I couldn't help but think about what I wish I had known going...

Third Time’s the Charm: The Baby

Over the summer, we welcomed our daughter to our family after much debate over whether not to have a third child and then a relatively tough pregnancy compared to my first two. Y'all. It was totally...

The Capsule Wardrobe for Nursing Mamas

Have you tried living with a capsule wardrobe yet? If you have storage space for out-of-season clothes, it's so so worth it. Over the past year I've totally embraced the capsule wardrobe concept and have...