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As part of the Nashville community, at Nashville Moms Blog we feel strongly that we are part of something bigger than the small worlds we operate in daily. Nashville is a city rich with incredible not-for-profit organizations and resources that support the many and varied different needs of Nashville families, mothers, and children. Once a month, we will be spotlighting a not-for-profit agency that we feel it is important to share with the NMB readers.


Being a mom is scary. It’s scary for a million different reasons—some small and some that loom large. I have found that most of my worries will not seem so bad if I can just get to tomorrow. But what would I do if something happened that didn’t go away after a good night’s sleep? Specifically, what would I do if I found out that I was facing a battle with cancer and that my young family was about to head down this dark and unknown road? It is that line of thinking that lead to the founding of The Chemo Care Network (CCN).

In 2014, the founder of CCN, Kelly Clubb, had her own breast cancer scare. She, her husband, and her two young daughters had just moved to Nashville from California. With no family or friends close-by, she was immediately overwhelmed by the prospect of what needed to be done. It was with great relief that she learned that her results were reported as normal. However, she could not shake the thought that every day there are moms just like her receiving the news that they have cancer. Kelly felt called to do something, and so she did. The Chemo Care Network was born—a faith-based organization that helps aid moms and families that are facing a daunting enemy.

The purpose of CCN is to take some of the burden off of moms and families that are dealing with cancer and chemotherapy. The services provided by volunteers include bringing meals, cleaning houses, lawn care, babysitting, laundry services, and pet care. There are both a photographer and a make-up artist that offer their time and talents to conduct photoshoots for the patients and their families. Each patient that reaches out to CCN is given a ‘Chemo Care Bag.’ These bags include a knit hat, scarf, warm socks, stationery, prayer cross, journal, peppermint oil, and lotion—among other things.

To date, CCN has over 50 volunteers. If you feel called to help moms in this way, you are welcomed and encouraged to contact CCN. Life is messy and unpredictable even during the best of times, so volunteers are needed to lighten the load in any capacity you can imagine. It is a wonderful way to help Middle Tennessee moms who are at their most vulnerable on a path that is steep. CCN also acknowledges that the life of a mom is busy, and not everyone has the flexibility to offer their time. Therefore, if you feel called to help, but can’t take on any additional commitments, tax deductible donations are gladly welcomed as well. CCN is also currently seeking corporate sponsors if you or someone you know has a business that may be interested.

I began volunteering for CCN several months ago and have truly come to treasure the experience. It has been such a blessing to get to know this tribe of women and see how uplifting this group can be. This cause is especially dear to my heart because of my story and how wonderful something like this would have been for my mom. It is not easy to ask for help—especially in the age of unattainable Pinterest projects and Super Mommies. If you know of any moms going through the unthinkable journey of chemotherapy, and you feel that they could benefit from CCN’s services, please pass this information along to them. The Chemo Care Network would love to walk along side them to support them in any way that they can.


Ways you can help:

  • Volunteer with us! We’d love to have you.
  • Donate if you feel so led.
  • Attend the silent auction benefiting CCN on Sunday, May 3, 2015 at JJ’s Wine Bar in Downtown Franklin. In addition, JJ’s will be donating a portion of their proceeds from that night to CCN.
  • Spread the word! Tell anyone you know who may be interested in joining us as a volunteer or who may need our services as a patient.



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