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We’ve all heard it: the Nashville real estate market is hot. But, how hot? And how does that translate to my family selling our home?

First lets talk about the importance of having a Realtor® like Erin Gillespie on your side. Unlike public websites, Realtors® have access to accurate, minute-by-minute information. This is extremely important in finding what is actually available to purchase, or to use as a comparable property to price your home for sale. Everything is moving fast with a lot of information flying around. Realtors® help prevent misunderstandings and know what is appropriate in each individual transaction. In addition, Realtors® like Erin Gillespie follow a code of ethics, use up to date state forms, and the most efficient marking tools available. Overall, Realtors® work to save you time and money!

Now to add in Nashville area sales statistics:

According to the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors® the first quarter of 2016 compared to the first quarter of 2015 looks like this:

                                                                        2015                2016      

Davidson County Residential Sales                1,855               2,059   (10.9% increase)

Davidson County Residential Median           $207,500         $249,900   (20.4% increase)


                                                                        2015                2016

Williamson County Residential Sales             895                  1,004   (12.1% increase)

Williamson County Residential Median         $409,000         $419,380   (2.5% increase)


These are impressive numbers, but numbers alone will not necessarily sell your home. In this hot market, what do sellers really have to do to quickly and profitably sell their home? Remember the days when there were top ten lists of what to do to prepare your home to list for sale? In today’s Nashville market, sellers are in luck—that list is shorter than ever.

Nashville Real Estate market sold realtor Nashville Moms Blog

Clean Out and De-clutter.

You will need to move all of this stuff out at some point anyway, so go through it. Throw away, sell, or donate items you no longer need. Have a garage sale. Return any items for projects you never got around to doing. You may not get cash, but a store credit would be useful for your next house. Pack up boxes and store anything you will not need in the next three months. This includes furniture! Store these in the garage, attic, a friend’s house, or a pod.

Clean. And Clean Again.

Once your home is cleared out and organized, the space needs to be clean. A buyer will notice! If you don’t have time to do it all, it may be worth the time and money for a cleaning company to come in and help. On a daily basis, put your dishes in the dishwasher (not the sink), make all beds, fold the laundry (or keep it in the hamper), put away toys and food, and don’t over scent.

Happy family funny moments when cleaning home Nashville Moms Blog Nashville Real Estate Market

Curb Appeal.

Make sure your grass is mowed, leaves are raked, or snow is shoveled. Replace any dead trees or bushes. Garbage cans should be out of sight. Porches should be swept, and outdoor furniture should be appropriately placed (not cluttered).  Add a pop of color with seasonal flowers, a hanging plant, or a wreath.

curb appeal Nashville real estate market Nashville Moms Blog realtor

These are the top three most important items you can do to help your house sell quickly and profitably. Selling properties can be stressful, but you can cut yourself some slack with the market at your back. There is always more that you will think you could do, but stick to these basics. The Nashville market will do the rest. I have seen so many multiple offer situations lately that some of the other checklist items have become unnecessary.

Most importantly? Ask your Realtor® to help you come up with a list that is best suited for your home.


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image2Erin is a Realtor® in the greater Nashville area, a wife, and a mother of three boys. She has lived in Nashville for nearly a decade and has no plans of ever leaving! She and her husband first moved here for a teaching position at Montgomery Bell Academy (for him) and a position in Property Management (for her). When kids entered the picture, Erin made one of the better decisions of her life: she became a Realtor®. As an agent, she has a strong commitment to all of her clients—whether buying or selling—and works hard on their behalves. Erin enjoys running, laughing, live music, helping the community, the beach, meeting new people, and Real Estate.

You can find out more on her blog Music City Nest, her Facebook page,
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  1. Buying a home is such a hard decision. I know when we finally did, it was only after a very long and drawn out period of looking at houses. I am so thankful we had a top notch realtor helping us in the process. Erin gives some great advice in getting your home ready to sell, a few of the houses we viewed really would have benefited from this list.


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