Find it at the Library: Must-Read Picture Books to Shake Up Your Reading Routine


We all know the benefits of reading with your kiddos, but here’s one more article to convince you of that fact. 🙂 I know my son could read the same book seventeen times in a row without blinking… but me? I like a little variety, thankyouverymuch. And at least with him (your mileage may vary!), having some new, compelling, interesting picture books is just the ticket to a rotation. Of only reading a book eight times before moving on. Alas, what can you do? At least he likes books…

Shake up your picture book reading rotation by heading to the library! Here are eight of our recent favorite picture books (including a few series!).

Since book money doesn’t grow on trees (I wish), I suggest heading to your local branch of the Nashville Public Library to add a few new picture books to your rotation. Here are eight of our recent faves!

Tugboat Bill and the River Rescue by Calista Brill

My son likes seeing all the different kind of boats. I like that Bill the tugboat and Mabel the barge are friends, and support one another. They also teach kindness to the other (mean) boats, and rescue a cute kitten. Plus, the names in this book are just so vintage and fun.

Find it at the library!

Noisy Night by Mac Barnett

This book is hilarious! And a little repetitive. My son loves making all the repeating sounds. After reading it a few times in a row, my annoyance level with the cowboys and dancers goes up a notch, but the illustrations are great… and my son is ready to hop in bed and snore like the old man hollaring, “GO TO BED!” Mama win!

Find it at the library!

Tinyville Town: I’m a Mail Carrier by Brian Biggs

Tell me you’ve been to Tinyville Town! It’s a precious series of board books showing the sweetest small town on the planet. Everyone contributes and everyone is oh-so-kind. It reminds me of a cross between Richard Scarry and Sesame Street, and I swear I thought of that before I read the series description on the library website. Score! My son loves the firefighter, the mail carrier, and the librarian books best of all. 

Find the series at the library!

The Not-So-Faraway Adventure by Andrew Larsen

As someone who used to travel–a LOT–this book really appeals to me, and is a great way I can talk to my son about my trips. But it’s also a sweet reminder that traveling can take place in your own city, and in new ways, as your life ebbs and flows. #deepthoughts The illustrations are gorgeous and I’m excited to read more of Theo and Poppa’s adventures together.

Find it at the library!

Every Cowgirl Goes to School by Rebecca Janni

It’s a little weird in my opinion that a two year old little boy is fascinated by Nellie Sue, a school aged cowgirl who loves pink… but he is! And it’s adorable. This series is so cute. Nellie Sue always learns some lessons and generates some laughs along the way. 

Find the series at the library!

Pizza by Frank Asch

When I was growing up, I loved the book Popcorn. Do you know it? Where a little bear fills up the house with popcorn while his parents were away, and eats and eats and eats it up? Well, that little bear is back with a bunch of new books, including Pizza! I don’t know how he got so old without trying pizza, but he does, and his dreams are spectcular. My son still asks for this book, long after we returned it to the library… so I guess we better buy a copy (or check it out again!).

Find it at the library!

The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot! by Scott Magoon

Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot, this book will make your kids laugh, and think, and maybe get a little scared when they realize lying can have consequences. It’s a retelling of the fable about the boy who cried wolf, with a little fun twist when you realize who the narrator is.

Find it at the library!

When Your Elephant Has the Sniffles by Susanna Leonard Hill

This is a board book, but it has a pretty good plot so I’m calling it a picture book. 🙂 Basically, this sweet story helps your child learn how to take care of a sick elephant… or themselves, or their mom or dad or siblings. Perfect for sick weather, and also a little bit of fun too! Because who has an ELEPHANT at home??!

Find it at the library!

Where are my library lovers? What picture books have your kids devoured lately?

Share in the comments below!!

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