Look at All Those Backyard CHICKENS!


Looking for backyard fresh eggs and tiny little friends? This is the post for you. Is there anything more wonderful then waking up to the sound of a hen SCREECHING as she lays her morning  egg? Probably. But to some this sounds like breakfast, I guess? For me its a little different but I was always told if you don’t understand something research it. So here we are, Im about to introduce you to some of my favorite people, and they are going to help me understand why these little dinosaur-looking birds are so great. (There is also a whole documentary called “Chicken People” — it’s a great watch!) 

Personally chickens freak me out a bit. They look like little prehistoric weirdos. But I wanted to give them a chance because they provide my child with almost all her favorite foods. If they could just lay some cheese I’d probably invest in a couple hens myself. 

Here’s my baby girl in all her chicken loving glory

I first spoke with the number 1 chicken expert in my life, my dad. This guy was born and raised in New Jersey, but after the first time he came to visit me in Tennessee he’s farmer.

   Now, many might normally assume when my dad refers to “his girls” he’s talking about his wife and THREE daughters. But nope, he’s talking about the chickens that now live in the backyard of my childhood home. IN A NEW JERSEY SUBURB. I’ll be the first and last to say it. STRANGE. In the best way if course. 

 He has 3 girls Pooper, Good, and Evil. I know awful names. He has no imagination.  I refer to them as his Golden girls. Blanche Rose and Dorthy. (Sorry Sophia) 

zzHe is obsessed, and from his obsession I’ve come to learn that basically everyone who owns chicken is constantly squawking about them. Tell me about “The Girls”. 

Pooper– Type: Domonique

   She lays the most eggs but loves to try and escape. She’s also the best looking as long as she not molting. He once thought about putting her in a chicken beauty contest but she’s not vaccinated so he opted out. (even in the world of chickens this is a heated discussion…lol who knew?)

Evil –

  Type: New Hampshire Red- Name for her devilish looking face has taken over as the Rooster she’s the big hen in town. They all listen to her and to be honest I would too. I tried to feed her some grass and she nearly pecked my finger off. BOSS.


Type: New Hampshire Red-Named for her sweet looking face. Is very dumb. If you’ve seen Moana you could probably compare her very closely to HEI HEI. I actually watched her peck a rock. My dad loves that she’s always the butt of all the chicken related jokes. Poor good.  (If you haven’t seen Moana stop reading now and go watch a true Disney master piece before you continue here.) 

A day in the life of Farmer Paul.

Let them out into the coop and fees the Purina chicken feed. ONLY ORGANIC. I tried buying organic peanut butter one time and it was the end of the freaking work. But that’s fine, I’m fine. Anyway…..

If he has time to sit and watch them run around the yard, he will. Our poor dog who was once the light of his life is not aloud outside because she will eat “His Girls” – this made me laugh.

FUN FACT: My dad built his own coop from reclaimed wood he found. Ones mans garbage is another mans chicken coop 

After this fun little bonding moment with my Farmer Pops I learned few things: 1.My dad is a STAGE MOM FOR HIS CHICKEN.  Catch him commenting on backyard chickens. 2. I may have some underlying jealousy issues about these birds.

But in all seriousness I love that my dad has such a fun hobby. It was great learning all about a world I didn’t previously understand.

After chatting with him. It was only fair that I also spoke with another one of my favorite NJ Chicken lovers. My cousins who are living and chicken farming right next-door in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

My cousin’s oldest daughter Gia is a chicken fanatic. I hope that my kids love anything as much as Gia loves her chickens. Everytime I log onto social media I’m always hoping for a chicken picture.

They have 6 chickens
Rocket and Smokey – Barred Rocks
Buffy – Buff Orpington
Chick, Goodness and Amber are Easter Eggers

Gia helps feed and give them water, she holds them when their wings need to be clipped or if they have a cut and need medical attention or any kind of ointment to help them heal. She helps give them baths if they are messy.  

Gia has a very special bond with her chicken Buffy.  She is what we call our “chicken-dog” .  Such a sweet disposition as you can see in the picture.


The funniest Moment as a Mom was when we had a light snow covering our deck and Gia wanted to make snow angels.  Buffy came up and decided to join her as she made them. Is there anything cuter then a girl and her chickens?


All this chicken conversation has converted me into a chicken liker. You won’t be seeing me on Chicken People anytime soon, but I now have a better appreciation for a new animal. 

This was a New Jersey girl’s personal take on Chicken Farming. Do you have any fun stories to add?



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