Easy Travel Snacks


Our family doesn’t get to travel much — a tiny downside of owning our own business. Don’t get me wrong. It is totally worth all the other benefits. But this summer that changed! We took our first week-long vacation in over four years! Now, who here travels on a budget? Who wants to make sure a trip—short or long—doesn’t turn into a giant calorie fest? NOW. I am a total believer in “Treat yo self.” But. That can get pricey for a traveling family and can send you home a few pesky pounds heavier. Not cool. Good news! You can take control by being smart with your travel snacks. To make it even easier, I’m sharing snack ideas that don’t require a fridge. All car friendly. And most kid friendly.


On every trip, we pack a bag of apples and a bundle of bananas. Easy to grab. Tip: buy the bananas green. That way, they last for your whole trip.


Find your favorite healthy nut and pre-portion some snack bags. We really love the new Aldi mix with cashews, macadamia nuts, and walnuts. Nuts are a great source of energy and healthy fats and make great travel snacks! Wanna get fancy? Make your own trail mix with nuts and dried fruits (no sugar added).

Protein bars

These are tricky. Think clean, and watch your sugars! Some of our favorite options are RxBar and Epic. These pack a big protein punch with no added sugars (sweetened with dates). Budget-wise these are a splurge for our family, but they taste great and keep us satisfied longer—so they are totally worth it.


We normally buy them in bulk. Raisins and almonds combine to make our toddlers favorite snacks. But for car trip purposes? I snag them in the smaller boxes. Easy to open travel snacks for her while riding. 

Apple sauce packs

Another item I rarely buy because the jar is so much less expensive. But in the car? My kid goes crazy for an apple sauce pouch. And no clean up. Win for everyone!

Easy as that. We always pack a food bag and keep it in arms reach. You can also pack a few bottles of water. And don’t forget a trash bag for easy clean up when you arrive at your destination.

Happy travels! And (mostly) happy snackin’!

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