Abbie Rice

Born and raised in Memphis, Abbie moved to Nashville fresh out of college. She landed a job in sales for a large computer company where she eventually met her husband Josh. They spent years enjoying all the city had to offer: live music, festivals, and late nights on Broadway. They decided to settle down in Inglewood and welcomed their daughter Lucy — a hard headed, opinionated, and free spirited 3 year old. Abbie is currently co-owner with her husband Josh of a kickboxing gym in Hendersonville. She runs the business operations and trains members in American Kickboxing. When not training, chasing their toddler, or keeping the day-to-day life together, she enjoys cooking, knitting, writing, and studying about nutrition.

Nashville Indoor Fun for Kids! (FREE and Inexpensive)

We know how it goes. We live here too. It's too hot. WAAAAY too hot to take the kids to the park. And it stays hot until after all the pools and splash pads...

How to consign like a pro!

My husband loves to tease me every Spring and Fall. He pumps me up and gets me ready for what he refers to as "My Superbowl". The time of year I lovingly look forward...

Don’t Dread Bathing Suit Season — Just Pick the Right Suit!

Summer is coming. Finally. Warmer weather, flip flops, and drinks by the pool. Long days and endless sunshine are my thing. Wait. Did I just say pool?! YEP. Poolside is where you can find me every...

Time. We all have it, now let’s use it wisely.

I wouldn't consider myself a procrastinator per se, but I can let time get away from me. Next thing I know my employees are asking me when they work, my accountant is breathing down...

Say It Isn’t So!! Finally Accepting My Millennial Title.

Millennial. "Of our relating to a millennium." - Mirriam-Webster. If it hasn't hit the dictionary, it isn't a word, right? That means it isn't real, right? SO that means I am not one, right? Raise your hand...

Communicating with Your Spouse in a World Run by Technology

When my husband and I first started dating, instant messaging, texting, and social media were running rampant. Things were nowhere near the level of craziness we see now. But he asked me on our...

5 Healthier Treats for Your Halloween Party

Cooler temps, hoodies, and nights by the bon fire are here. That means Halloween will be here before we know it, and that means being bombarded with all the candy. I mean ALL. The....
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ONE Child is Enough Right Now

Let's talk. Anyone else feel like the whispers start at your kid's first birthday party? Y'all know the whispers.  "Oh! She isn't a baby anymore. Time for a new one!" WHAT?!? For the first time in a...

5 Quick Tips for Avoiding the Holiday Bulge

School's back in — bringing on the unofficial official end to summer. That totally bums me out because I am a super summer lover. The heat, the sun, the pool. BUT. Fall? I mean,...

Easy Travel Snacks

Our family doesn't get to travel much — a tiny downside of owning our own business. Don't get me wrong. It is totally worth all the other benefits. But this summer that changed! We...