Don’t Dread Bathing Suit Season — Just Pick the Right Suit!


Summer is coming. Finally. Warmer weather, flip flops, and drinks by the pool. Long days and endless sunshine are my thing. Wait. Did I just say pool?! YEP. Poolside is where you can find me every extra minute I have in the summer. I know that for many of us moms thinking about the pool brings on the dreaded “B” word: Bathing Suit. 

While I know finding the perfect bathing suit isn’t always high on any momma’s to do list, I want to help make this year’s quest a little easier. More enjoyable. Maybe even…fun. 

Skip the discount stores. I know, I know. Bathing suits can get pricey. But hear me out.

Ladies. When was the last time you grabbed a super cute bikini off the rack at your local bargain store, took it to the dressing room,  and felt good about yourself? Their sizes are never on point. They range from totally inappropriate to moomoo-ish. And, well? Dressing rooms are HOT and have terrible lighting. There. I said it. I just don’t know anyone that has ever had a positive experience, as an adult, trying to find a well fitting, flattering bathing suit on the cheap. If you want to find a quality material with a flattering fit that will hold up for the entire summer? Be ready to spend some money. 

Look for thick material. You want non-see-through material that won’t stretch out when it gets wet. Large chested women should look for suits with cup sizes and underwire. You need something to fit just like a good bra, and a good suit should hold those babies in. Because if you have swum with a toddler, you know the risk of a wardrobe malfunction. 

Every body type is different, beautiful—and may not jive with the current trend.

I can’t tell you how badly I wanted high waisted bikinis to look good on me. Like, so badly. They are so dang cute. Every brand seems to carry them now. All the models, tiny to full figured, look amazing in them. But, throw me in one? My legs squish right out of the bottom. Seriously. I look like whomp biscuits coming out of the can. And that is ok.

My husband put it best. “You are trying to cover up parts you aren’t happy with (ie. stomach) and making other parts look…not good.” I was so thankful for his honest feedback that I put that high waisted beauty back on the hanger. Be willing to try on ALL styles. You just don’t know until it’s on. If you follow through on step one, you want to spend that money on something you love—not something you want to cover up.

Make a day of it. 

Call up a trusted girlfriend. Leave the kids at home. Hit the stores first. Because no one wants to put on a bathing suit after tacos and margs with the girls. Or maybe you do. Whatevs. Ask the sales associate about their typical fit. (If you are somewhere with quality suits, they will be ready for these questions.) Take multiples sizes and styles into the dressing room with you, and keep a positive, open mind. Try on a style you aren’t sure about first. This way, if you aren’t totally in love, you aren’t crushed when your dream suit didn’t make you feel like a million bucks. See what works about it: size, fit, or pattern. Stay positive, and have fun! You may strike out at the first store, but the perfect suit is out there. 

Happy bathing suit shopping!


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