Crafting An Easy and Special Valentines Memory Banner


I love Valentines Day…the notes, chocolate, flowers, cards, decoration, goodies…all. of. it. So four years ago, when I decided that my fireplace mantle needed a heart day banner, I wanted to make something decorative and meaningful. I’m a DIYer to the core. If I see something in a store, instead of buying it, I go home and try to replicate it. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I turn out a really cute creation. There’s a reason that Pinterest is my favorite app. 

valentines banner crafts DIY easy

With an idea, I rummaged through my craft supplies in search of what I needed. I love stationary and pretty paper, so I always have a supply of it. After I found several heart-worthy styles of scrapbook paper in my supplies, some pretty string, a hole punch, scissors, ribbon and a heart-shaped template (thank you, Google images) I got started. 

easy fun family valentines craft

I traced and cut out several hearts in two sizes––large and small. Then, I punched out a hole at the top of each heart, put a string on it, and looped it onto a long, red ribbon. 

On one side of my heart banner, there is pretty Valentines-style paper to add some decorative love to our home. On the other side, where the heart is blank, is room to write personalized notes to my family. Each year I write a note or two to my husband and three kids and date it. When most people come into our home, they see a pretty banner hanging up for Valentines Day. However, my husband and three kiddos know there’s a secret to that pretty banner. On the back of each heart is a special love note from me to someone in our family. 

family valentines memory craft

I still have several blank hearts hanging from our banner, which I plan to fill up over the next few years. I started this tradition four years ago, and it’s been fun for all of us to flip over the hearts and read special messages. 

fun and easy DIY Valentines banner

This has become a special and pretty Valentines Day tradition in our home. And it all came from a whim that I had when I thought our mantle needed some heart day decorating. This easy craft holds a lot of love. That’s what Valentines is all about, right? 

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Originally from Michigan, Grace has called the Nashville area home for the past 14 years. She and her husband had three kids in three years and call their home a crazy town. Before becoming a mom, Grace was a writer and editor for Dave Ramsey. She quit her full-time job to stay home with the kiddos while continuing to teach online college courses. Grace loves attempting to be crafty, photographing her kiddos, and teaching her kids how to love and serve others. She's been homeschooling her kids for a few years and reads aloud to them any chance she gets. Grace and her family love spending time outdoors and trying to teach their kids early on to love hiking and creek exploring.


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