7 Slumber Party Ideas Every Kid Will Love


I think about the first time my mom let me have a slumber party when I was a kid and even now it brings back a lot of happy memories for me. It was one of the first times I really felt like I was doing something “cool”. It just felt like a big deal!

My mom did a lot to make sure my friends and I had a great time. She made us tons of food, she let us be super loud and silly, she said “yes” to almost everything we asked, but the best part was the GAMES! At the time, my mother was a first-grade teacher and was fully prepared to entertain a house full of kids using her repertoire of fun-filled activities. Boredom didn’t stand a chance.

Now I’m the mom and my daughter just recently celebrated her birthday with her very first slumber party! When she asked me if she could have a slumber party, a flood of memories washed over me as I excitedly said “YES!” to this full-circle moment. Just as my mom did for me, I prepared the food, braced for the noise, and reached into my memory bank for some timeless slumber party games. And I want to share them with you!

Check out these kid-friendly slumber party games and tell us what you think! 

7 Slumber Party Ideas Every Kid Will Love

  1. Bobbing for Donuts

    Is it donuts or doughnuts? Either way, this game brings some pretty big laughs. You can use a long stick or rod of some sort and tie a couple of strings to it leaving plenty of length to tie a donut to each string. Hold the stick up for the participants to try and eat the donuts off the strings. The trick is they can only use their mouths, no hands! Whoever finishes their donut first is the winner!

    7 Slumber Party Ideas Every Kid Will Love

  2. Blindfolded Makeover

    Ok, I actually remember laughing until it hurt when my friends and I did this game back in the day. You will need a mirror, a sleep mask or blindfold, some makeup (you can find super cheap makeup at almost any dollar store), and some (not sharp) makeup applicators. Two participants will sit in front of each other, one will be blindfolded while trying their best to put makeup on the poor soul sitting in front of them. It’s best to set a timer or else it’s quite easy to get carried away! After the timer goes off, the participants get to check out the new makeover and then switch places!

  3. Scavenger Hunt

    I feel like this is one that nearly everyone has participated in at least once in their life. I like this game because you can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. You can hand your party goers a list of items to search for and check off, or you can make it more like a game of clues and riddles that are hidden inside, outside or both! Whoever completes their list first or is the first to solve the clues wins! No matter how you decide to plan your scavenger hunt, this is a great way to add some teamwork into the party or simply just help pass the time. Scavenger hunt is one of those games that has been around for a long time, and for good reason!

  4. Taste Test Challenge

    I get excited about food, so naturally I was always excited to play this game. It’s a fun one! You will need some blindfolds, an assortment of bitesize foods, and some hungry participants. Each person will be blindfolded and handed a piece of food, the person who can correctly guess the most food is the winner! Fun tip: add in something sour to bump this game up a notch. Just make sure there are no major food allergies in the group before playing a game like this one.

    7 Slumber Party Ideas Every Kid Will Love

  5. Telephone

    This game is a gem. Who doesn’t love a good game of telephone? Everyone gathers in a line or circle and the first participant whispers a sentence to the person beside them. This continues around the circle completely until the last person says the sentence out loud to the group. It’s really fun watching everyone’s reaction in this game. Telephone is a guaranteed laugh at slumber parties!

  6. Pop the Balloon

    Balloons always seem to get everyone’s attention and there are tons of games that you can play using balloons! When I was a kid, we played “Pop the Balloon” where we divided up into teams of two and placed an inflated balloon in between the paired teams. Without using your hands or letting the balloon drop to the ground, you had to try and pop the balloon between you and your teammate. The first team to pop their balloon wins! Click here for more great balloon game ideas.

  7. Dance Party

    You will need music and space to let loose. Let everyone tell you their favorite song and arrange a queue of songs, then let the dancing begin! If you have a karaoke machine, you can really elevate your dance party. Here are some really fun ideas for people wanting to include dancing at the slumber party. Put your own spin on it!

These slumber party ideas are just a few of my favorite. I love that I get to do this with my own daughter and now I’m sharing these ideas with you. Don’t forget, it’s all about having fun!


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