10 Ridiculous Parenting Products That Shouldn’t Exist


Here you have it, friends—ten absurd parenting gimmicks you can absolutely live without.

1. The Babykeeper by Mommysentials


This contraption bears an uncanny resemblance to this classic scenario, don’t you think?


2. Baby’s Poop Alarm


Can’t you just sniff your kid’s bum like the rest of us?


3. The Why Cry Plus Baby Crying Analyzer


I am 100% convinced that this product is totally legit. Plus, it negates the need for the poop alarm!


4. Riding Potty Chair


This allows your child to roll around the house while pooping. I’ve seen it all, folks. I can die happy now.


5. The Text Hook


How can I be expected to enjoy a stroll with my baby when I have this much candy to crush?


6. Hands Free Baby Feeding Bottle Holder


Unless you have quintuplets, this just seems like phoning it in.


7. The Daddle


Your kid will love this so much. How much? About as much as riding on dad’s back without a saddle!


8. Jolly Jumper Bumper Bonnet


Just go ahead and put them in the bubble. You know you are going to eventually anyway.


9. Fisher-Price Ipad Apptivity Seat, Newborn-to-Toddler


“But, Mooooom, all the other newborns have an iPad!”


10. BABY MOP – The Onesie That Cleans Your Floors


Meetings were held to discuss this product, and more than one person actually felt this was an acceptable idea.


Do you know of a ridiculous parenting product? Please let us know about it—you may see it in Part 2!

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Lacey is a born-and-raised, tried-and-true Nashvillian. She tried moving away once but couldn’t hack it and moved right back home where she lives with her husband, Thomas, their one-year-old son, Gray, and three dogs, Munky, Puma and Eevee. Lacey worked in the veterinary field until two weeks before Gray was born and is grateful she is now able to be a stay-at-home mommy who gets to take her son on the town and discover all the family fun Nashville has to offer. She loves Steinbeck, vegetarian cooking (and eating) and binge watching television series on Netflix during the few precious hours her baby boy sleeps.



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