10 Podcasts for Moms and Kids That You Need to Check Out Today!


My most recent obsession? Podcasts. As a working mom of three little ones it’s often hard to sit down and read a book (although I always try to make time for that!) or watch a TV show or movie. I love that podcasts make it so incredibly easy to get in some good entertainment! I listen in the car, while I’m making dinner, or folding laundry. If you haven’t stepped into the world of podcasts—or even if you are a seasoned listener—check out these top picks for both you and your little ones.

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Sorta Awesome

I was introduced to Sorta Awesome from one of my favorite bloggers, Laura Tremaine of Hollywood Housewife.  She is a contributor to the show, and after my first listen I was hooked. The co-hosts Megan, Laura, Rebekah, & Kelly talk about everything from Hamilton the Musical to personality types to make up must-haves to favorite tips for entertaining. These are genuine, likeable mamas, and I look forward to this show every single week.

The Lively Show

The Lively Show is designed to uplift, inspire, and help you add a little extra intention to your everyday”. That is how Jess Lively starts off every show. She is a values based intention coach and every show has such a positive and lovely vibe.  Whether she is sharing bits of her own life or interviewing really interesting guests, this show is definitely one of my very favorites.  

The Popcast

The Popcast is a weekly podcast about all things pop culture. Co-hosts Knox and Jamie say their “mission is to educate you about things that entertain—but don’t matter.” That’s exactly how I would describe it. They discuss everything from movies to tv to celebrity gossip—and it’s wonderful.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

You may be familiar with some of her books like The Happiness Project, Better than Before, or Happier at Home. She is one of the most popular writers on happiness and habits, and she talks about all of that on her podcast which she co-hosts with her sister, Elizabeth Craft. I always walk away from this podcast feeling like I’ve learned something.  

Bon Appetit Foodcast

I’m sure you are familiar with Bon Appetit magazine, right? Well, listening to this podcast is like you are listening to the magazine! They interview famous chefs and talk with people from their test kitchen about recipes and food, and I can’t get enough.  

Young House Love Has a Podcast

YHL was my absolute favorite blog of all time. They decided to call it quits on the blog a few years ago, and since then, I’ve missed their regular check ins on life and home DIY/decor. I was hoping they would pop up again in the form of a podcast, and guess what? They did!  The podcast is fairly new, but so far they interview great guests like Sabrina Soto and Sarah Richardson (HGTV anyone?) and talk about DIYing their home. Who knew talking about home projects could be so fun?  If you have been a loyal YHL fan—or even if you are new to them—you will certainly love their podcast.  

Podcasts for the Kids

Brains On

Brains On! is a podcast featuring science and kids produced by NPR News and Southern California Public Radio. They ask questions and go wherever the answers take them. Sometimes that means talking to a food scientist or a snake handler, other times that means putting on a play about sound waves or writing songs about sleep. A different kid co-hosts each episode, and they talk to them about the interesting stuff they’re doing and the things they think about. Every time we get in the car my kids ask to listen.  

Story Nory

Story Nory is basically audio stories. A narrater reads classic fairy tales, short stories, or poetry aloud—and my kids love to listen.  Equally great for long road trips or while the kids are coloring. Give this one a shot!

The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified

Eleanor Amplified is a radio adventure series for the whole family. Listen together as world-famous radio reporter Eleanor foils devious plots, outwits crafty villains, and goes after The Big Story. Eleanor’s pursuit of truth takes her into orbit, out to sea, through a scary jungle, and even to the halls of Congress! Although this podcast is new to our family, we are certainly looking forward to listening to all of the adventures.

But Why?

But Why is a show led by kids. Similar to Brains On!, the kids ask the questions and the hosts find the answers. My kids love shows like this. It really makes learning fun!

Do you have any favorite podcasts you’d like to share?


  1. There’s a new NPR podcast for kids we’ve been enjoying called Wow In The World, also kind of science and interesting topics related (edible sneakers made of corn, anyone?). The hosts are very entertaining and it is well produced. My 7 year old loves it.


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