Virtual School? We’ve Got Amazon Finds That Can Help!


Many schools are returning to school virtually this fall, and we’re all trying to do our best to prepare our children for our new reality. With virtual school comes a completely new version of the ‘school supply list’ — and we’re here to help with our picks for items you can easily order from Amazon to make Back to School at home easier on everyone!

virtual school home electronics school supplies

Many schools are working to provide laptops for student who need them. If yours doesn’t, or you prefer you child has his or her own, we’ve found this highly rated and cost effective option:



To pair with a laptop, your child needs these noise-cancelling headphones so that she can concentrate on her work while others are working from home or younger siblings are at play. We like that these have a built in microphone and fit well on little heads:



Kids aren’t geared to sit in place all day, so this lap desk allows them to settle down anywhere. Also, if, like most of us, you don’t have enough room for a designated desk space for multiple kids, this is an easier way to make a portable work space:

Lap Desk


Another option — and one that can double as an organizer, are these clip boards. We like that different colors could designate different children or different subjects or even different days of the week!

Clip Boards


If you’re looking to make a more designated learning space, this file organized might be right up your alley! It can hang on the wall (taking up less space), and again you could assign each slot to a child, a subject, and/or day of the week. We think this will work well with the clip boards too.

File Organizer


Many of us don’t have pencil sharpeners at home, and there will be all KINDS of pencil sharpening needed. A favorite is this sharpener with adjustable sizing:

Pencil Sharpener


Have you found other great items that we should add to this list?
Let us know! After all, we’re all in this together.

Each item recommended here has been used and loved by a past or present member of the Nashville Moms Blog team. This post contains affiliate links, so we do get a share of the revenue from your purchase — but it does not increase your costs in any way.
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