Five TV Dads That We Love!


“A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.”
—Billy Graham  

Dads are so important to us. Whether you have one, are one, or need one — a dad is usually a place of comfort. Some of the most influential dads aren’t even our own but the men who portray our favorite fathers on television. So I have come up with a short list of a few of my top TV Dads. In no particular order:

Phil Dunphy – Modern Family

Phil is the ultimate dad. He’s got it all — the clothes, the dad jokes, and the life lessons. I’m surprised he doesn’t walk around in new balance sneakers and sweatpants mowing his lawn on every episode. He is always so genuine in everything he does — even when it’s totally out of touch with what’s considered “cool.”

Phil constantly cracks us up with his nerdy ideas and the way he teaches his family important life lessons. He provides his family with a wacky attitude and always keeps everyone laughing. Trade in the magic for ninja moves, and you basically have my husband. (HAHA) He is the ultimate family man and a perfect example of a “COOL DAD.”

Bob Belcher – Bobs Burgers

Bob holds his own as the more serious member of his very quirky family. He keeps them happy at all costs and never judges them too much for any of the weird things they do. I mean, one of his kids is obsessed with butts . . . the dude has patience.

Bob is always there to help his children feel comfortable with themselves — even if that means not fully understanding most of their wackiness. He goes to new heights for his family every episode. And his dry sense of humor keeps us laughing through it all. Bob makes me think of my own dad. He’s a family man who put up with more than a few crazy moments raising three very eccentric girls.  But like Bob, he makes a good burger and  has a sense of humor about everything . . . eventually. 

Danny Tanner – Full House

You can’t think of the best TV Dads without thinking of Mr. Mom himself — Danny Tanner. He embodies the type of organized, clean, and well rounded dad/mom my husband and I aspire to be. While loving his children unconditionally, he is jam-packed with sappy life lessons. And he is always ready with a shoulder to cry on. He loves his girls so much that he moved his two best friends into his home to give them a better life.

Let’s give him props for raising three fictional daughters to be extremely well-rounded and empowered women. Thanks, Danny, for allowing us to know we CAN go to dad for help. Everyone has that dad in their lives that will go above and beyond for their kids. No matter what life throws their way, and no matter what the situation, they will be there with a solution. It’s pretty comforting to know Danny Tanner is always there with an big hug — and maybe even a slightly tone deaf song. 

Jack Pearson – This Is Us

Jack is, of course, going to be on everyone’s list of the best TV dads. He is the perfect combo of witty and intense as far as TV Fathers go. He has his moments of weakness but still does everything in his power to hold his family on a pedestal. We are lucky enough to see this man through the eyes of his family. Brave, loyal, and loving unconditionally.

He has never been a character in real time; so essentially, we all love his TV dad ghost. However, he entails everything a family man would want to be remembered for in their lifetime. His wife loved him, his children adore him (even after he’s gone), and a whole country is obsessed with him. He is the TV dad of our dreams. So for those of who can’t celebrate with your “father figures” this Father’s Day, remember them—like we do Jack—and all their best qualities.  

Burt Hummel – Glee

Burt Hummel is such a great dad. He’s hard working, wonderfully outspoken at times when it matters, and a true family man. In the beginning, he was confused and didn’t fully understand his son’s lifestyle. But this never stopped Burt from supporting him. If anything, after Kurt came out to him, their relationship grew stronger.

In a time where accepting each other is so important, he overcame his original bias and remained his son’s biggest advocate. He has so much love for his kid. He did the single ladies dance (and killed it!) just to make him happy. This showed me such an important lesson. Even when we think we can’t go to our dads, we should. The stigma that says dads want you to be tough and won’t understand is a thing of the past. In this sometimes confusing world, it’s so wonderful to know that dads like Burt Hummel really exist.

Thank you, TV Dads, for showing how great all dads are no matter how different they seem. It’s so wonderful to celebrate all dads this weekend — and every day!

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!


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