How I’m Changing the Way I Shop Online :: Snag Savings and Give More with Give10Back


We’re all guilty of it. We get in a rut, and we get comfortable. Suddenly, one place to shop makes life easier. And we stop even thinking about other places that we might find the same things for less — or better ways to shop and. Even though I adore finding a deal, with three kids needing ALL THE THINGS, sometimes I find myself sacrificing savings for convenience. Often, I do so without even thinking about it. But now I’ve found Give10Back — and just in time for the holidays! (And in our house? November means three birthdays followed immediately by Christmas in December!)

Allow us to introduce you:


The gist? Give10Back helps you find things you need at a steep discount AND makes it possible for you to give 10% of your purchase to the school, church, or charity of your choice! Need an example? My husband and I recently updated our mattress, but I was looking for a new pillow too. I found the Tempurpedic pillow that I’d been eyeing on Give10Back listed at 49% off retail cost. (And just for kicks, I looked it up on Amazon. Give10Back was a 66% savings on those prices!)  I also snagged a HUGE pack of Lego blocks for my son’s upcoming 5th birthday for SEVENTY-THREE percent off retail! And best of all? Ten percent of my spending goes to benefit my child’s school. Over time, when this gets shared with other parents? That 10% adds up to some serious fundraising for our schools! And registering a school, PTA/PTO, church, animal shelter, scout troop, or any non-profit or charity? It’s REALLY easy. It only takes a minute or so. And there’s no cost and no obligation.

Just in time for holiday shopping . . .

We’re excited to share all that Give10Back offers just in time for holiday shopping. Their prices are regularly up to 75% off of retail. Also? Be sure you follow them (and us!) on Facebook to catch special offers during the coming months! 

What are you waiting for, mama? Start saving NOW on the things you already need!

This post has been sponsored by Give10Back, but all opinions are our own!


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