Mastering the Summer Juggle: Balancing Working from Home with Kids


If you’re among those who work from home, welcome to the ultimate balancing act known as summer! As Nashvillians, we know that juggling working from home with kids during the summer months can feel like stepping into the circus ring. With school out of session, the demands of work don’t pause, leaving us to find a delicate equilibrium between professional responsibilities and parental duties. But fear not, for in this guide, we’ll explore strategies to inject fun into the summer while meeting work obligations. From incorporating breaks to discovering local spots accommodating both working parents and energetic kids, let’s dive into the art of managing it all.

Creating Fun at Home

One key to mastering the summer juggle is to carve out moments of joy within your home. Establishing a daily routine that blends work and play can help maintain sanity for all involved. I like to communicate to the kids when my work time is and when we can play or do other things. The other things could be something as simple as coming together for lunch, enjoying outside time, or doing a fun and educational STEM based activity from this STEM activity book. A loose schedule can bring balance to the chaos. For the time when kids need to play by themselves I try to be prepared with the inevitable “I’m bored”.  One of my saving graces are coloring books. This Kawaii Spring Coloring book is one I created. My kids love it because it’s cute, has crisp white pages that don’t bleed, and have bold lines for easy coloring. Additionally, one thing I started a while ago that helps greatly is introducing special summer toys gradually to keep boredom at bay and foster creativity. I also like to schedule play dates and take turns with other work from home parents so the kids can be social and have fun.

When the sun is shining and the kids are restless, head to the back yard. One simple but meaningful thing my kids jump and down for is picnics. You’d think I told them we were going to Disney World when I tell them we can have a picnic. You can also break out the inflatable pool, slip n slide, sprinkler, and water balloons for water fun days in the backyard. Water fun days are different from regular water fun because they are pre-determined, and highly anticipated. Trust me- it makes a difference if the day has a name, and if the kids know Fridays are Water Fun Days, you can be sure it will be a good day for everyone because they will be occupied and you can work outside and get a tan! You can even kick it up a notch by renting a water inflatable for the weekend if you’re really feeling like surprising the kids.

Get Out of the House

Take advantage of lighter work days (Maybe Mondays or Fridays or your “no meeting days), to schedule short but sweet outings to local attractions like the zoo, berry picking farms, or the adventure science center. I like to schedule these for the morning because it gets the kids tired and allows for relax time or movie time upon our return home so you can get in some quality work time.

Discovering Work-Friendly Spaces has been a God Send. Finding places where you can work while the kids play can be a game-changer for busy parents. Seek out establishments like Brentwood splash park, Monkey’s Treehouse, Sky Zone, or Defy that allow the kids to do their thing while you do yours.  One of my personal favorites is TN kids because of its business area, equipped with amenities like charging stations and a business area that overlooks the play area. They even have massage chairs that you can sit in while working! By tapping into these work-friendly environments, you can strike a balance between professional obligations and quality time with your children.

Summer Camps are also an option if you need a real break. My youngest loves the Summit Camp, Lipscomb’s Summer Sports Camps, and Barefoot Republic. My 11-year-old in all of her pre-teen glory thinks the Ultraviolet Ice Skating Camp, Belmont’s Summer Sports Camp, Church camps and Vacation Bible Schools are cool. Summer is also a great time to sneak in a family vacation whether it’s a small weekend getaway to SoundWaves/Opryland, GatlinBerg, or Dollywood or a bigger trip like a cruise or Disney World.

Balancing working from home with kids during the summer may seem daunting, but with a bit of creativity and strategic planning, it’s entirely achievable. By prioritizing moments of fun, embracing outdoor adventures, and leveraging work-friendly spaces, you can navigate the summer juggle with grace and ease. So, here’s to a summer filled with productivity, laughter, and cherished memories with your little ones. You’ve got this!

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Ashlee Lowry
In 2023 my family traded in our flip flops for cowgirl boots and made the move from the Alabama Gulf Coast to Nashville with my husband, (Ben), two girls (Collins and Quinn), our big fluffball (Lionald) and our humble turtle (Shelly). I went from an in-office setting literally on the beach, to a work-from home setting in the music city and could not be happier with the change. We love to shake things up, experience new things and enjoy new perspectives. I am an extreme optimist, a daydreamer, a full time Marketing professional, a part-time writer, and a “whenever I can” adventurer! I like to think of myself as a free spirit, but realistically motherhood most often times binds me to a solid plan and scheduled days. I drink way too much caffeine and am a certified drink goblin (One for caffeine, one for hydration and one just for fun!) Being a mom most oftentimes demands behaviors such as going out in public and being social, but my favorite place in the world is on my couch. As a marketing professional I love telling stories. I enjoy sharing adventures, tips, tricks and my favorite mom-approved places to visit, experience, and see! I cannot wait to share my perspectives and opinions with this community and I look forward to connecting with other Nashville moms in our new home.


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