Ashlee Lowry

Ashlee Lowry
In 2023 my family traded in our flip flops for cowgirl boots and made the move from the Alabama Gulf Coast to Nashville with my husband, (Ben), two girls (Collins and Quinn), our big fluffball (Lionald) and our humble turtle (Shelly). I went from an in-office setting literally on the beach, to a work-from home setting in the music city and could not be happier with the change. We love to shake things up, experience new things and enjoy new perspectives. I am an extreme optimist, a daydreamer, a full time Marketing professional, a part-time writer, and a “whenever I can” adventurer! I like to think of myself as a free spirit, but realistically motherhood most often times binds me to a solid plan and scheduled days. I drink way too much caffeine and am a certified drink goblin (One for caffeine, one for hydration and one just for fun!) Being a mom most oftentimes demands behaviors such as going out in public and being social, but my favorite place in the world is on my couch. As a marketing professional I love telling stories. I enjoy sharing adventures, tips, tricks and my favorite mom-approved places to visit, experience, and see! I cannot wait to share my perspectives and opinions with this community and I look forward to connecting with other Nashville moms in our new home.
Cummins Falls State Park

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Orange Beach Alabama

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