Guide to Nashville Murals Part III: West Nashville


It was a beautiful day. So the babe, the husband, the three-year-old, and I set out on another of our mural escapades. Riding in our pimped out Toyota Sienna, we rolled down the windows and rocked out to the Moana soundtrack (at my daughter’s request) and followed our mapped-out mural route in the West Nashville/12 South area. 

We really enjoyed the murals in this part of town. Mural sightings in East Nashville are easy from inside a vehicle, but many of the murals in West Nashville are best consumed as you walk by the building or stop to shop. Because of this, my husband would drop my daughter and me off at a corner and we would stroll the streets until we found the murals on our list. Other times we all got out to enjoy the views.

One of the most, if not THE most famous mural in Nashville is the “I Love Nashville” mural on 12 South. Although it was cruelly defaced this year, crews quickly cleaned it up and it was returned to it’s former glory shortly afterward. We just so happened to be there when they were working on it.

12 South mural Nashville repainting

It’s a good thing too. What other mural so captures the love people have for the city?

12 South Nashville murals I Believe in Nashville
*Liam and Wyatt


*Brittany and Calvin Curd

*Camille and Jeff Whitlock with Allison


*Julie Keltonic holding Ethan and Karen Kupelian with Conner


Armed with my trusty cell phone camera, we—yet again—made some fun family memories. Many more murals exist in the area. This is just a smattering of what West Nashville/12 South has to offer.

Birds on Wire

8th Ave. S. (Carter Vintage Guitars)Birds on a Wire murals Nashville 12 South

*Julie Smith

Import Flowers Sunflowers

3636 Murphy Rd. (Sylvan Park)

Sunflowers mural Nashville
*Lynn and Ellis



3636 Murphy Road (Other side of Import Flowers)

Field Mural Nashville West Nashville

Thistle Stop Cafe Mural

5128 Charlotte Ave.

Thistle Stop Cafe Mural Nashville

Mike Shine Mural

24 Music Square W. (South wall of Carnival Music, across from RCA Studio B)

Mike Shine mural Nashville

I Believe in Nashville

2706 12th Ave S.

1400 Clinton St.

I Believe in Nashville 12 South mural

Green Pea Salon Mural

2900 12th Ave. S.

Green Pea Salon Nashville mural

Draper James Mural

2608 12th Ave. S.

Draper James Nashville mural

Guido Van Helten Mural

In The Nations next to Dollar General at 1500 Centennial Blvd.


12th & Porter Mural

114 12th Ave. N.

Good Food for Good People

4611 Alabama Ave.

Good food good people Nashville mural

Kay Bob’s Grill & Ale Mural

1602 21st Ave. S.

The Dragon Mural

Belcourt Ave. and 21st Ave S. (Side of Posh)

Dragon Mural Nashville

Off the Wall Charlotte Mural #1

Charlotte and 31st Ave. N

Off the Wall Charlotte Mural #2

Charlotte and 31st Ave. N

Off the Wall Charlotte Mural #3

Charlotte and 31st Ave. N

Off the Wall Charlotte Mural #4

Charlotte and 31st Ave. N

*Check out Off The Wall Nashville for more information about how they plan to use art to revitalize the Charlotte corridor.

The fourth and final Nashville Guide to Murals will take us to the downtown area where there are fresh works being created on a regular basis. If you missed the first two parts to the mural guide, click to find Part I and Part II.

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Allison was born and raised in the Midwest, which accounts for her straight-talking ways. Nashville has been her home since the end of 2014 and there is no looking back! Her husband, Lynn and two daughters, Ellis the threenager and 6-month-old Adeleine, fill her world with joy, exhaustion and glitter. When she's not brushing out tangled hair or cleaning spit-up off her leggings, she enjoys hiking, eating healthy foods, traveling, trying out new fun things to do in Nashville or reading books. She revels in laughing (many times at herself), meeting new people, and having deep meaningful conversations. (That kind of sounded like a dating profile). She has quite a few grey hairs, which proves she has wisdom, and a big heart made softer by the loss of three pregnancies. When she writes she pulls from the joy of the little moments with her girls, the humor in the everyday, her faith and her experiences in loss. Motherhood brings out all the feelings but she's found that when she is a part of a community of people doing life together, a little of the burden is removed. That's why she's honored to call Nashville home. You can read more from Allison at where she writes about motherhood, womanhood, and faith. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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