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“Me time” is important for mamas. We spend so much time taking care of our families that it can be easy to forget to take care of ourselves. I’ve written before about fashion and creating a minimalist wardrobe, but what about beauty must-haves? It’s a little less difficult to take some time to get dressed each day—because, well, we need to wear clothes. Makeup/skincare/caring for our bodies, however, can be another another story altogether. Showers are rushed during naps, and mascara is swiped on while wrangling toddlers—or even while nursing babies (been there!).

Over time, I’ve realized what’s important to me in the getting-ready arena. I’m not a huge makeup gal. I’m all about just the basics, but I wash my face religiously every night. Although I don’t get pedicures often, I’m diligent about making sure it looks like I do. There are a few products that I swear by—things that I would take with me on a deserted island, things that I can’t live without. They run the range from drugstore finds to department store brands, and I recommend them on the regular. I asked my fellow Nashville Moms Bloggers for their insight on their must-have beauty products—from CVS staples to Neiman Marcus treasures. And now we’ll share the list with you!

Me (Rachel):

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser $19.50 – I started using this product about 10 years ago, and no matter how many times I try something new, I always go back to it. Always. A tiny, pea-sized amount takes off all of my makeup. Every time.

Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar $4 – Seriously, you guys, this is the best thing ever. It makes your feet feel like you just had a pedicure after every single use. I’ve been known to drive to 3 different beauty supply shops just to find one.


Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer in Sin $20 – My shadow NEVER creases. It’s kind of amazing.

Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream $14 – I’ve had this at my bedside since I was a young girl. I rub it on my lips every night before bed.


Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips $17 – For my lips! I know—totally weird, but it’s awesome.

Perfume in Roller Balls (like these) – They are way cheaper than bottles, and you can carry it in your bag.


Coola Tinted Sunscreen $36 – It’s super light and feels amazing!


Aquafor $17 (3 pack) – As Chapstick! (Note from Rachel: I use this as chapstick all.the.time)


Trish McEvoy Sheer Application Foundation Brush $52 – It’s the only way foundation has ever looked right on my skin. Fool proof and fail proof!


Cocoa Butter $13 – AMAZING stuff. Heals rough skin, soothes chapped lips (and keeps them soft and moisturized), and eases irritated skin from burns or friction. (Note from Rachel: I used this on my belly while pregnant—no stretch marks at all!)

Suave Dry Shampoo $3 – Dry shampoo is my best friend! (Note from Rachel: and mine too!)

Theresa & Mandy:

The complimentary chapstick from East Side Smiles!

They may run the gamut from $4 to $53, but they’re all must haves for these Nashville mamas. Does anyone else feel like they want to Amazon Prime all of these, send the kid off to grandma’s (or hire a sitter!), and pamper yourself? I wonder how long my toddler will nap today…

What are your beauty must-haves? Why do you love them?

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Born and raised in Southern California, Rachel is a Nashville newbie, but that didn't stop her from becoming a know-it-all about her adopted city. After her husband was offered a job in Brentwood last summer, they packed up their house, pup, and Rachel's 8 month pregnant belly, and traded their beloved Long Beach, CA for East Nashville. As if a cross-country move and new baby Holden (born 9.20.14) wasn't enough, Rachel started her dream business—launching leather goods line, H. & Clark, in January of this year (a far cry from her background in non-profit development and management). She loves to read, eat, write, and eat some more…and does some yoga to counteract all of the eating. As a self-proclaimed California girl who never thought she would leave the Best Coast, Rachel is amazed every day how comfortable she feels in Nashville and loves nothing more than spending time with her little family exploring everything the city has to offer: music, parks, museums and food—especially the food.


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