5 Reasons for Families to Choose Au Pair Child Care in Nashville


With its unique blend of traditional Southern charm and dynamic cultural scene, Nashville offers parents a fun, unique locale in which to raise a family. There are so many historical, educational, and traditional activities for children and adults to discover and explore in the local area. Many parents are looking for flexible, dependable child care in Nashville, and Au Pair in America offers local families a fantastic child care solution! Want to learn more?

5 reasons Nashville area parents should consider au pair child care with Au Pair in America:

  • You create a child care schedule that works for your family! Why struggle to meet the demands of a daycare center or other child care provider’s schedule when you can set your own flexible child care hours? With Au Pair in America, parents have the freedom to create a customized child care schedule of up to 10 hours of care per day (including evenings and weekends) and up to 45 hours per week. Learn about our different program options.
  • Simplify your family’s morning routine! For many families with working parents, the morning rush is the busiest and most hectic time of day. Getting the children dressed, fed, and ready for school or daycare while also getting themselves ready for work and out the door on time takes a toll on parents. With a live-in au pair to lend an extra set of hands, everyone’s stress level improves!
  • Let your children enjoy more of the local attractions that Nashville has to offer! Why keep the kids cooped up inside when they could spend the day at the Nashville Zoo or the Adventure Science Center learning and having a blast with their au pair? With so many parks, playgrounds, museums, and other fun and educational venues for children right in your backyard, your little ones will reap more of the benefits of living in such a stimulating and child-friendly area.
  • Develop your children’s international language skills! Hosting an au pair is a unique way to combine child care and foreign language learning. With the constant exposure to another language, children will pick up new vocabulary and speaking skills quickly in their daily interactions with their au pair. Whether parents are looking to develop a language currently spoken in the home or introduce a new international language to their children, having an au pair who speaks that language living in the home and caring for the children offers them a valuable learning opportunity.
  • Open your children’s eyes to the world! As a diverse city with a thriving arts and culture scene, Nashville offers the community exposure to different background and traditions. By hosting an au pair, parents can go a step further and bring international culture into their own home, broadening their children’s worldview and helping them to develop an awareness and appreciation for other cultures. Many families also develop close, lifelong relationships with their au pairs, further opening their children’s eyes to the world at large.

Clearly, there are so many reasons why au pair child care is a great option for parents seeking child care in Nashville! Learn more about the benefits of hosting an au pair:

Click here for more details about hosting an au pair with Au Pair in America, as well as to view current available au pairs—there’s zero cost and no obligation.

Interested in learning more about hosting an au pair? Contact Shanda Dodd, a local Community Counselor for Au Pair in America in the Nashville area, at [email protected] or (615) 208-2461.


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