Valentines Cupcakes — with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting


Among the many benefits of children (legos everywhere, sloppy kisses, and tender, “I wuv you”s) is the ever increasing opportunity to bake. I’d never considered myself much of a baker. I had one cake recipe in my repertoire. (It is killer!) So when my then nearly 5-year-old asked me to make him a strawberry cake for his birthday, I said “challenge accepted!” (And immediately went to Pinterest)…

valentines cupcakes

The trouble with baking is that I see recipes as more of a guideline (and that can get you into trouble real fast). But a few tweaks to Paula Deen’s Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting (more strawberry please!) led me to this delicious confection. Swirled onto a dark chocolate cupcake, the finished product tastes like a chocolate dipped strawberry. (Um, yes please!) Dolloped onto this perfectly moist vanilla goodness? It’s pretty much perfection in a pastel cup.

The more baking I do, the more I discover that as long as you have a few amazing recipes, a few handy tools, and some pretty sprinkles — cupcakes are pretty darn easy! Can you think of a sweeter way to say “I love you”?


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