20 Conversations Starters for You and Your Toddler


Hanging out with a toddler all day is so boring. They never want to talk about anything interesting. They’re all “Me, Me, Me” all day long. AMIRIGHT?! They have woefully short attention spans. And also? They don’t know a lot of words. So really, I guess it’s no surprise that their conversations are somewhat limited. What does that mean? It means this—it’s always up to you to be the one to come up with new and interesting topics for discussion. Realizing this, I started keeping a list of potential conversation starters that I could turn to whenever the chatter comes to a lull. It’s been super helpful for me, and I hope you’ll find it useful as well.



1. What’s that smell?


2. Why is the kitchen floor sticky?


3. Please tell me that’s washable marker!


4. Did you just poop?


5. Where did you leave your shoes/socks/lovey/paci/sippy cup/diaper/my phone/the remote control?


6. Tell me more about Thomas the Tank Engine. No, really. I’m dying to know more.


7. What on Earth are you wearing?!


8. Where did you find that gummy bear/cheerio/graham cracker/fruit snack/goldfish?


9. Are you an Elsa or an Anna?


10. What was that noise?


11. Seriously, what is that smell?!


12. Where did you learn those words???


13. That’s just chocolate, right? RIGHT?!


14. Yes, please tell me how Olivia’s mommy does it.


15. What did you just pick up off the floor and eat?


16. Why is this wet?!?


17. What happened to the last one I gave you?


18. Who broke this?


19. How old is this chicken nugget?


20. Are your pants/underwear/shoes on backwards?

Of course, we always welcome you to add your own conversation starters in the comments!


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