Hey, Mommy McJudgy — No One Asked You!


When you become a mom, you are thrown into this crazy world of the unknown. Just when you feel like you have the hang of this thing, Mommy McJudgy comes along to inform you that you suck and are making terrible choices for your child. It could be a close friend, someone you meet at the park, or (of course) a hater on the interwebs. At some point, you will be insulted for your parenting style. It’s guaranteed!

Moms! What is with the judgy mean girl mentality towards other moms?!  STOP IT!

Inherently, you will meet moms that you don’t mesh with — and that is okay. No one said you have to be friends with every mom you meet. That’s unrealistic. But we don’t have to resort to bullying and shaming each other because we don’t practice the same parenting style, right? To me, it’s actually WORSE than high school drama. These moms are not just putting you down but also making you question how your choices will effect your children.

Parenting is scary enough without having some “know it all mom” come along and spew her negativity on you. Moms have an opinion on everything from sleeping and eating to discipline and development. But wait. Aren’t we all in the same boat? 

We are all trying to raise this future generation the best way we know how!

Why don’t we try to see someone else’s perspective before we open our mouths? At times, things are said without the intention to hurt or judge. I know I have spat out stupid comments without thinking and hurt the feelings of a friend. But I recognized it immediately — and apologized. Then I started working hard to think BEFORE I responded to something I didn’t like or don’t do with my child.

We don’t know everyone’s story. Someone’s choices may stem from other circumstances. That mom you shamed for letting her child sleep in bed with her? Maybe she only has one bed. Could it be possible that the mom you put down for not feeding her child organic food can’t afford it? That mom you criticized for nursing her toddler — what if she can’t have any more children?

How about we begin, as parents, to SUPPORT each other and celebrate this amazing gift we get to be a part of! Tell funny stories and laugh about the joy and craziness of raising children.

If we are raising our children to be the best humans they can be,
shouldn’t we start with ourselves first?

Be kinder to people you meet. Stop the negativity and back-handed put downs. You don’t know everyone’s story. And even when you do, that doesn’t mean you are better than them. This isn’t high school. We are adults. Let’s think before we speak to one another. If you really don’t have anything nice to say? Then please — just stop talking.


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