When a Grandparent Becomes More Than Just “Grand”


Grandparents will always hold a special place in our hearts. Theirs is a place to go visit in the summer or have sleepovers with cousins on the weekends and holidays. The smell and taste of the best cooking you might ever have in your life belongs with grandparents. But what happens when a grandparent steps in to be more than just the “grand” in your child’s life?


Becoming a grandparent is supposed to mean loving and spoiling your grandchildren — and then sending them home to their parents when you need a break, right? Besides, you already spent years and energy raising your own kids. So now the relaxation begins!

Not always the case.

In my experience, my parents stepped up big time to become the role models and second parents my children needed. I was a struggling single mom after my divorce, living far away from most of my family and friends. My parents did not hesitate one bit before helping pick up the pieces when they all fell down. Immediately, they moved my daughter and myself in with them and provided for us when I just couldn’t do it all. They sacrificed time, energy, money, and anything else they had to give my daughter a “normal” life. I am so grateful that they never wanted her to feel like she had lost something just because her dad made the decision to leave.

Years later, I have managed to get back on my own two feet. But I am still a single mom. And sometimes it is just too darn hard to manage everything alone — although most days we do get along just fine. My parents still step in and do whatever necessary to take care of their grandchildren. No questions asked.

So this goes out to my parents, who stepped up to become that second parent my children needed. And this goes out to all the grandparents across the world, who happily do the same. We celebrate you for the sacrifices you make to step in and raise your grandchildren. For the immense love you share and for the wisdom you impart along the way. For being the role model that this generation of children need.

This world is a much better place because of all the “grands.” 



  1. Heather That Tribute was So touching.I SO enjoy watching My Favorite Cousin and (hero)SO VERY Happy. And You and his Grands Keep That Twinkle in his eye’s And Smile on his Face..Your a VERY Blessed family and I’m honored to just be able to share in watching it grow with So much Love….I didn’t know your mom growing up.But I ALWAYS knew your Dad was gonna be A Wonderful Man.


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