Christmas Morning Breakfast: Finger Food Edition


Christmas Morning Breakfast: Finger Food Edition

If you find yourself hosting Christmas morning like myself, I have the perfect breakfast selection to share with you.

Ever since my daughter was born, I’ve been committed to creating Christmas Morning magic for her in our own home. Not that I don’t enjoy traveling, but I felt like I wanted her to wake up in her own home, knowing that Santa had come- especially after making him cookies to leave out the night before. To make sure this was a family event, I began inviting grandparents over for the morning of as well. Last year was the first year we lived in the same city as one set of grandparents- and this year we are lucky enough that both sides are now local (can’t beat that level of excitement!).

With that being said, the responsibly of Christmas Breakfast naturally started to fall on me.  I wanted to find a balance between something delicious for all ages, easy to make in volume, but also something that would allow me to enjoy the morning without feeling stuck to the kitchen instead of with my family. What I came up with was a Finger Food Buffet! Simple and fun, the “line” started with a sign, plates, and napkins. From there, I served the various dishes.

I chose the items based on how easy they would be to prepare, eat, and heat up day of.  Something else to keep in mind, is we didn’t eat until presents were opened- meaning around 9am. Our family does a Christmas lunch/early dinner so this was perfect to move into an easy snacky lunch before an earlier heavier dinner.

These are the top picks for the Guskeland Christmas Morning 2022:

Mimosa Bar

Because who doesn’t want to start Christmas morning with a sparkling kick? Last year there were 5 adults and one child- so this felt appropriate. Pick your favorite champagne, a couple of juice options, and match the juice with a few frozen fruits to garnish. I chose frozen fruits since they were easier than cutting up fresh, and chilled the champagne ahead of time as well.

Bacon Wrapped Sausages

After my daughter when to bed on Christmas eve, I grabbed the maple flavored sausages (frozen, fully cooked) and wrapped them with raw bacon. I staged them in the fridge overnight in a cooking sheet, and transferred to the oven as we got closer to the end of presents. As soon as they were ready, I placed them on the plate with the smaller skewers.

Donut Skewers

These were by far the quickest to put together morning of, before my daughter woke up. I used skewers and bought an assortment of donut holes and mini doughnuts. You can buy them at your favorite grocery store or stop by a favorite donut store the day before- just be sure to keep their contained closed and fresh until the next day. I added some fresh fruit for fun.

Pancake Stacks

Around the same time I take out the Bacon Wrapped Sausages, I heat up the mini pancakes in the microwave (just make sure you grab the mini ones!). They take about 30 seconds at a time, so as soon as they are ready, stack them in 3’s with a  fruit and put them out to serve. This was the last thing I heated up as they don’t hold heat well, but are easy to reheat if needed.

Chicken and Waffles

This one takes a little more planning as you’ll want to make a pit stop at Chick-fil-a the day before. We got a 30 pack of the nuggets as they are the perfect size for mini waffles! The mini waffles are made in the toaster oven, four at a time. As they became ready, we stacked it with one chicken nugget each. The chicken nuggets can be heated in the microwave or air frier- depending on your crunch level desired.  The syrup was heated and served next to the pancakes and waffle options.

This year I will have more kids in the house- so I will be adding a yogurt bar with various fruit, chocolate chip, and fun toppings. The best part is those are just as easy and quick to set out.

Now, good luck peeling everyone away from the presents they found under the tree!

Do you have a favorite Christmas morning breakfast menu?

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