5 Things I Learned from Dr. Seuss


I’m sure it’s no surprise that I grew up reading A LOT of Dr. Seuss. The charming illustrations and cooky wordplay drew me in as a young child and tie my tongue in knots as an adult. I smile as I read Hop on Pop to my son and chuckle as my son tries to make all the sounds from Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? The more I read Dr. Seuss, the more I realize that my time spent with Things 1 and 2 and Dr. Seuss’s other characters made a lasting impact on the person I am today.

In celebration of Dr. Seuss and Read Across America, I wanted to share 5 things I learned from Dr. Seuss:

1) People disagree about a lot of things that are pretty silly.
When you read The Butter Battle, you’ll realize this as well. Sometimes looking at a disagreement from another perspective can help you realize that you probably have the same goal and that person who has another point of view is not your enemy.

2) Words really are fun!
Take a few minutes to read Hop on Pop as fast as you can- you’re guaranteed to have some good belly laughs.. The short rhymes and playful imagery is great for teaching little ones to read.

3) Fun friends are not always good friends.
Now that I read The Cat in the Hat as a parent, I’ve learned that everything that is fun isn’t always the best idea and peer pressure is real. The Cat in the Hat is a great book for teaching our kids about choosing what is right over what is fun.

4) Our environment is important and should be protected.
I know this isn’t a big surprise and I’m sure you already know I’m talking about The Lorax, but it is a valuable lesson to learn for us, as parents and our children.

5) We have potential.
There is a reason that a lot of graduates get Oh The Places You’ll Go as gifts. Not only does this book remind us of our potential, it also prepares us for the bumps and bends in the road of life. As I sit and read this to my son (only 3 years old), I tear up.

Did you learn something from Dr. Seuss that I didn’t share? If so, share your lesson with us and share it with your child as you celebrate Read Across American on March 2!


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