14 Ways To Thank Your Mom Tribe


NERD ALERT: John Donne is one of my favorite poets. He was funny, poignant, honest, and a bit cheeky at times. He helped remind his readers that we are part of a greater whole- humanity. Yes, you’re reading the blog title correctly, this really is about how to thank your mom-tribe. “Then why are you talking about John Donne? This isn’t a British Literature blog,” I hear you thinking. I know, I know. I’m talking about John Donne because he is the one who gave us the age-old saying “No man is an island,” and I think it is a wonderful reminder as we struggle through this motherhood journey.

We aren’t in this alone (even if we feel totally alone at times). The vast majority of us have people around us who encourage us, pitch in, laugh with us, cry with us, and sometimes, when all the plans fall into place, sit with us on our couches covered in unfolded laundry. This is our mom-tribe. 

Often, this tribe is made up of other moms, babysitters, single friends, our siblings, and every other combination. These people are our safe places. They will sit with us while we cry through breastfeeding struggles and exhaustion, laugh with us through diaper changing mishaps, guide us through our doubt, and encourage us to keep going. They keep us together when we are on the brink of losing the last inch of sanity. This is a precious tribe. 

As we rush through life with this tribe, we don’t often say thank you except in passing. I get it. How do you thank someone who is absolutely essential to your sanity? Here are a few ways that you can thank your mom tribe:

  • Send them a handwritten note with specific details about what they mean to you.

  • Make them dinner (bring disposable plates and silverware so they don’t have to do any dishes).

  • Watch their kids (or pets if they don’t have kids)

  • Help them with their housework (putting away dishes, folding clothes, etc)

  • Buy them dinner (this is also great for you- get a sitter and have dinner)

  • Buy them flowers

  • Say thank you in person (not via text) for something specific

  • Make their favorite dessert

  • Buy them a cup of coffee (if they’re far away, send them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop with a note that says why)

  • Buy them a small gift that makes you think of them (something as small as their favorite candy bar or soap)

  • Give them a hug

  • Make them a gift (body scrub, soap, a candle, a t-shirt… get creative)

  • Offer to pick up their groceries or dry cleaning

  • Listen to their pain, share in their joy, and encourage them along the way (you’re probably already doing this one).

This list could go on and one because we each have our own way of saying thank you, but, do it. Do it often. 

John Donne wasn’t an island and neither are you and that’s because these people, your tribe, invest in you. They deserve our thanks.

What are some other ways you can thank your mom tribe?


To my mom tribe: THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support, wisdom, love, laughter, and friendship. You keep me sane and remind me that I am not alone.


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