Spring Style: Set It and Forget it Hairstyles from a Master Stylist


Let’s talk about Set It & Forget It Hairstyles (because sometimes you just don’t have that much time!) 

*Please note that these are most effective when the hair is thoroughly wet. 


We all know these can leave beautiful waves in the hair when you undo them. But why not set yourself up for a polished look by adding a little hair gel, twist the side sections around the ears back (these should resemble little ropes) and then braid it until you’ve run out of hair. If you’re battling with a ton of layers, it’s ok if there are pieces hanging out! Avoid leaving a long straight piece at the bottom even if it means binding that piece with an extra rubber band to dry in some texture. Wait until it is totally dry (if that takes a long time, consider starting this in the evening) and then unbraid it, give it a spritz of hairspray to set it, then wait 5 minutes for hairspray to set before breaking it up with your fingers .


Buns are a great way to lend a little movement and bend to your hair while smoothing the cuticle down. Also, by locating it on top of the head rather than at the bottom, you’ll achieve volume at the root without having to use product. *Note that once your bun is completely dry and you’ve let it down, this may have encouraged a cowlick or two. Simply wet your fingers and dampen any obnoxious areas where the part may have gone in an unintended direction in order to reset them. 


Bangs are best blown dry! You can use a flat vent brush to blow them side to side, and then down. Repeating this action will usually give you great results. A round brush will give you a bump of volume, and the option to manipulate the ends however you please. If blowdrying is not an option, simply pin your bangs all to one side (using good tension), let it dry 50%,  and then direct it the other way, pin it, and let dry the rest of the way. This is effective in calming down those wavier pieces of fine hair that grow from our temples. (The rebellious hair) However, I can’t guarantee volume with this technique.

Baby Hair Maintenance

Now what to do with those obnoxious baby hairs? Those little baby hairs seem to come out of nowhere and sprout up from the top… or gift you bangs you didn’t ask for. What the heck do you do with those? 

For the baby hairs around the temples, spraying some hairspray on your finger tips and twisting them into the ‘normal’ hair growing at your sides by your ears will effectively hide them. If you have so much that twisting it into your hair every morning seems laughable, consider committing to baby fringe. Choppy bangs, baby bangs (textured bangs coming down mid-way on the forehead) are going to be trending big in 2019. Why not get on that train?!

For the baby hairs that sprout from the top of the head, spray your hands with hair spray and pat them down. It’s quick, it’s easy and it works. 

Regarding static electricity- If you’re looking like a science experiment after brushing your hair, hairspray can calm it down. Simply spray your brush and then comb thru. Don’t wait too long. If the hairspray has dried into the brush, it won’t help you too much. 

In a hurry with wet hair

If you’re running real low on time but need to blowdry- using a flat vent brush is the quickest way to get your hair dry. Section the surface hair (top section) off from the rest of the hair, and free-form dry the underneath. If no one is going to see it, who cares if it’s shiny? For the top section, either use a round brush to get more tension in the sections as you blow-dry down, with air always always blowing in the direction of the ends. Or simply scoop your flat brush in at the roots and draw them back out to get more tension (like those old hair combs/clips our grandmothers had in their bathrooms). I mention tension because the combination of heat and tension closes the cuticle and reflects more light off the surface of each hair, creating smooth shiny hair. 


Philana Goodrich is a Master Stylist specializing in non-toxic coloring and personal branding. She’s passionate about helping her clients express their individuality while working in accord with their lifestyle.  You can find Philana at Pure Organic Salon in Marathon Village. To book an appointment or complimentary consultation please visit: http://www.purenashville.co/make-an-appointment


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