Removing All My Wisdom :: A Tale of Having Wisdom Teeth Removed as an Adult


Forewarning: I write this post highly medicated and as a mom with two out of three kids with the flu. I can’t make this stuff up. You see, this past Friday I channeled my inner youth and had my wisdom teeth removed.

All through my teen years, I was told I didn’t have any wisdom teeth to get removed. Yes. Back then, I felt like I was missing out on a big life moment. Once I got well on my way to adulthood? BAM! There they were — my missing wisdom teeth. Sadly, these teeth didn’t give me the wisdom I sought. They did, however, leave me with my teeth shifting. That’s right. All those orthodontist appointments for nothing.

Here’s the thing I have learned about being a mom: I never put myself first. I am completely okay with this. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My children and my husband are my world. The downside about never putting myself first? Sometimes I let my health come last. I hated knowing I was about to have to schedule a procedure that would put me out of the mom game for about two days.

Even after having three kids via C-section, I was still incredibly nervous about the procedure. I told my doctor to “GIVE ME ALL THE MEDS.” I had no desire to be awake for any part of the surgery. He granted my request, giving me laughing gas to start. Then he inserted IV sedation. I harbor absolutely no regrets about going completely to sleep. I came out of anesthesia just fine — no crazy stories to tell over here. However, I ordered a banana milkshake at the Kroger Pharmacy drive thru. I feel like that was a logical request.

Once my husband brought me home, my tornado of three kids and my mother greeted me. My toddlers and infant were slightly confused by the gauze hanging from my mouth as well as my bilateral facial icepack. I also couldn’t speak well. My talking skills rivaled those of my four-year-old.

My doctor prescribed a high strength ibuprofen and hydrocodone for me. Those two have been my best friend for the past three days. Mouth surgery? No joke. It is painful. On day three, I am starting to bruise around my chin/jaw. My kids are reaping the benefits from this surgery. It is quite a challenge for me to yell because my jaw is so sore.

Getting my wisdom teeth removed has also been a great excuse to carb load — and not cook dinner. Approved foods for post wisdom teeth surgery include potatoes and ice cream — which also happen to be two of my favorite foods. I totally dropped the mom ball. A nutritious dinner has not been cooked in three days. I’m beginning to feel the anxiousness from my husband.

I’m sad to say that I have little to no words of advice about getting your wisdom teeth taken out as an adult. However, I can say this: get help. You will be groggy and in pain, and it’s not the time to be super mom. Forget your diet. Eat the potatoes, ice cream, and yummy soups. And lastly, take time to heal. I’d say that by day three, you will start to feel like your normal self.

And, mama? Don’t be ashamed to take the medicine the doctor gave you.

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Morgan Cunningham
Morgan is a Franklin native who moved back to Nashville with her family. She attended the University of Mississippi where she met her husband of seven years, Benjamin. They are so excited to be back in Nashville to raise their family. Morgan has three kids, Ryder, Jett, and Olive. Morgan is a former cookie decorator and loves anything sweet. She also has a passion for decorating and crafts. On Morgan’s personal blog, My Confetti Life, she hopes to inspire moms and let them know that they are not alone in the struggle that motherhood can be.


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