Random Acts of Kindness — FOR KIDS! (With Printable Calendar!)



We at Nashville Moms Blog know that as parents, there are so many things we are thankful for — even during 2020!  And we know that we often try to reflect on those blessings at this time of year. Our children may often things for granted–from the food in their bellies to the roof over their heads. But we know that all around us, children are hungry, elderly neighbors are lonely, parents are homeless–the list goes on and on. We want to teach our children gratitude and the art of giving back, right?

That is why we have created this printable download for the month of December. We’re calling it our Random Acts of Kindness for Kids calendar. (Super original, we know. Ha!) For each day, there is a suggestion of a random act of kindness that even the youngest child could do (perhaps with some help) to show friendliness, gratitude, consideration, and generosity. This year has been weird, so let’s add kindness and cheer — and don’t forget to wear your mask!

Our hope is these small acts start a conversation about giving and gratitude with our kids, and that these small acts inspire them (and us!) to do more for those around us.

We would love to see your little ones in action! Use the hashtag #NMBKidsGiveBack to share  and show all the good happening in Nashville!

Download the NMB Random Acts of Kindness for Kids Calendar here!


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