Nashville Family Gift Experiences


Nashville Family Gift Experiences

As Christmas quickly approaches and errand lists keep growing, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Not only are there numerous choices on what to gift your family and friends, but there’s always the added pressure to make it meaningful. If you are anything like me, I stress significantly more than I should when it comes to giving gifts. I feel like gifts are so personal and that my gifts has to not only be something someone wants, but something they need or will get plenty of use out of. You guessed it- I am the type of mom who does not enjoy party favors. But that’s a story for another time.

Let’s talk gifts for kids, specifically. Toys are great- as are art supplies, clothes, and the numerous options that are out there to gift someone. But as children get older, if you’re not with them constantly as a parent, it can be hard to know what to buy. Or if you are said parent, what are you supposed to do when your child already has one of each of the Paw Patrol characters and the entire Bluey clan? I’ve also found that I can’t always trust the age guidance on toys either- everyone is so different- this can be misleading. So unless you have a specific Amazon wish list for the child you are purchasing for (which I cannot recommend enough- we love this feature!), what do you do?

This is where you (should) turn to experiences!

Gifting experiences is something that I used to never think about, but as my daughter has gotten older, I now understand that the memories she makes are worth a lot more than any toy or object I can give her. She’s got her favorite toys, don’t get me wrong- but she tends to end up with lots of toys and somehow the words “I have nothing to do!” (which drives me up a wall considering everything I know is in her playroom) still manage to find their way into our weekend conversations.

Here are some great experiences you can gift your children or children on your family’s list this Christmas season.

Nashville Family Experience Gifts:

Nashville Zoo Membership or Tickets

The Nashville Zoo has multiple options- ranging from tickets, to vouchers, to memberships. You can check them out here. There is even a current special where you can save 15% on gift certificates through 12/31! The best part is if you already have a Zoo membership, you can also gift Education Programs, Event Tickets, or Experiences like backstage passes to meet the animals. This is definitely worth checking out.

Adventure Science Museum Membership or Tickets

As someone who has recently discovered the Adventure Science Center, I am a huge fan! Equal parts educational and entertaining, there is something here for all ages. If you go to the membership page, you have the option of gifting memberships. This breaks it down for you as far as cost and what is included. The Adventure Science Center also hosts various camps and education experiences you can sign up for and purchase in advance.  There is always something happening- just check out the calendar!

Pottery Painting

This one ticks all the boxes for me- something fun to do and something that will get used- whether for décor or a mug or kitchen item. Gifting the experience of pottery painting is something that will be fun for all ages, and you can also be involved in. The best part is there is also several great places around town- so you are not stuck to one location and can find one that is the closest to you or those who you are gifting. A quick goggle search will confirm there is no shortage of cute and budget- friendly places. My all time favorite is Third Coast Clay in the Factory in Downtown Franklin. It is small and full of character. The factory itself has undergone tons of renovations that have brought new tenants and amazing food to the building. So not only can you paint some pottery, but you can also do some shopping and grab a bite- making an event out of it!

Swimming Lessons

While this one is not as clear cut as the others, swim lessons are always something to consider. Especially if your family frequents the beach or owns a pool, this gift could be the gift that keeps on giving- and allows the child to fully enjoy their time in the water. The Goldfish Swim School has multiple campuses, and offers what is called a “drop in” class. This would be a great gift to get a child started, and to see if the school is a good fit. From there, there are different levels of classes and memberships that could match the child’s needs based on age and ability. This is not the only place to consider- there are many others including private instructors if your swimmer is on the shy side and would rather be in a one-on-one setting.

Indoor Playground Admissions

If you’ve never heard of We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym in Franklin, TN, you are missing out!

Offering a huge variety of toys, swings, trampolines, and even a zip-line, this place has it all. Priding themselves in being a place where all kids can have a good time, they even offer sensory-safe experiences. We’ve attended serval birthday parties, and one hour never seems to be enough to play. There is an Open Play membership package as well as drop in options and even a gift card option, where you can load it up and allow the end receiver to use it towards whichever they wish.

Movie Passes

Some theaters like Regal Theaters  offer something called  the Unlimited Movie Subscription pass, so you can watch as many moves as many times as you’d like! You also receive a discount on snacks and can use your membership in any of their 200+ locations nationwide. We have two local Regan Theaters here in Nashville, so this is a great option for the older child or even teenagers who loves exploring the newest movies.


While this one requires more planning, and more often than not a larger budget, trips can be a great gift. It can be as simple as an overnight staycation at a local hotel, or as intricate as a trip to Disney World. No matter what, a night away is always exciting and a fun change of scenery can become a great way to make memories. Trips can be themed, like spa or movie night getaway. This is where you can let your imagination shine, and truly deliver a customized experience.

I could go on forever. These are just some of my favorite ideas on how to gift an experience versus an item, and would love to hear yours! Have you ever received or given a gift of experience that you absolutely loved?

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