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How many of you made a resolution to lose weight or get in shape in 2015? I know I did…just like I did in 2014, and 2013…2012…2011…well, you get the point. This year, I am actually REALLY doing it! So in an effort to keep my momentum, I’ve been looking for new and creative ways to stay motivated. For me, money = motivation. You all know from my previous Money Saving Monday posts that I really love money saving/money making apps and programs. It makes sense for me to use some apps and websites to reward myself for hitting my weight loss/fitness goals too! Here are a couple of my favorites:

1. Diet Bet (Available on Android or iOS): Though the name implies gambling, the only person you bet against is yourself with Diet Bet. Diet Bet is social dieting at it’s finest—groups of people pledge anywhere from $15-$50 that goes into a communal pot for diets that are four weeks (or they commit to $15-$100 a month for diets that are six months long, called transformations). In order to win back your bet, you have to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks or 10% of your body weight in six months. These percentages are safe amounts to lose in the time frames. You weigh in at the start and end of the bet, and have to submit photos (with secret words for each weigh in) in order to have your weight verified. To keep cheating at bay, there are thresholds for weight loss (you can’t lose more than a certain amount of weight). Each weigh-in is verified by real people. To sweeten the deal, those who don’t make their goal forfeit their wager, and all of that is split between the winners. On average, around 40-60% of participants win. Last year, my first bet was $30, and I ended up winning $59.60. Just last week, I won another. A $30 wager turned into $42!

I look at that $25 or $30 that I wager as “insurance” that I will meet my goal. I’m too cheap to allow myself to lose! The bonus is that I will get back MORE than I put in. Diet Bet has a safeguard in place that they will ensure you receive your winnings back (and a little more) in the event that every single participant wins. Put your money where your scale is!

2. Pact (Available on Android or iOS): This app integrates with other fitness trackers, including Runkeeper, Jawbone UP fitness devices, Fitbit Fitness Devices, MyFitnessPal, and MapMyFitness in order to help you stick to a pact you make with yourself to exercise more, watch what you eat by logging your food, or by eating healthier for a certain number of days (or a combination of all three). When you check in at the gym, log your food on MyFitnessPal, and wear your fitness devices, GymPact will reward you with anywhere from $0.30 to $5 a day. If you don’t honor your pact, you’ll lose money ($5-$10 a day—a penalty set by you). The money you earn by hitting your goals comes from a pool of money from those who didn’t meet theirs. This definitely makes the check-in at the gym on Facebook even MORE rewarding. Statistically, people who log their food daily see better results in weight loss than those who don’t. I’m really good about logging my food but TERRIBLE about going to the gym. Hopefully, this will help me get there more often!

3. AchieveMint (Available on Android or iOS): This is a points-based reward system that works with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Fitbit or Jawbone Fitness devices. You create habits—such as logging water and food, posting healthy articles, statuses, or photos (on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), tracking your exercise and steps daily, and weighing in. Once you accumulate 50,000 points, you get $50. I earn around 1,500 points a day. If I can manage 1,000 points a day, I’ll earn $50 every 50 days—that’s an extra $350 a year in my pocket (or PayPal) just for adopting healthier habits!

While none of these apps will make you rich, they all have the potential to put some decent extra spending money in your pocket as well as to help you meet and exceed any weight loss and fitness goals you may have. With all my apps and money earning/saving tricks, I have the same motto: any money I earn is money I didn’t already have. If I can earn a few bucks and improve my health at the same time—that’s a total win!

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