Chores Made Fun and Easy with Pep and Perk


Living in a single-parent household, I feel there are always chores, tasks and jobs to get completed and not enough of me to get them done. Selfishly, I definitely want the help of my daughters to do household chores, as this allows me a bit more breathing room. However, I also think that teaching your children about chores from an early age helps instill responsibility and good work ethic in them. It helps them learn that families should help one another out.

Pep and PerkIn a perfect world, kids would love to help, come up with their own chores and we would all live in harmony in the household. You would never have to beg your kids to pick up their room. But we do not live in a perfect world, and sometimes parents need a little help to encourage their kids to do the right thing and complete their chores. We definitely want to make it fun for them. I can’t count the number of times I have heard, but that’s boring!

Enter in Pep and Perk!

Pep and PerkPep and Perk? What is that you say? Sounds like a noun and a verb that I would like to use to describe my life on a daily basis ideally!

Pep and Perk are two animated characters who were born as an idea to help make parents and kids bond over household chores. The idea is to make the chores more fun and appealing to kids! And they live up to their names by infusing cheerfulness and liveliness into the simplest of tasks.

Pep and Perk and their creators are releasing a new album entitled, “Helping Out!” to make chore time a fun experience in your home. “Helping Out!” is a fun collection of tunes that will instantly put everyone in a good mood and want to make your kiddos jump up and help, and it doesn’t just have to be for chores. Routine tasks such as brushing their teeth and washing their hands instantly becomes more fun with this album playing in the background. When it is time to clean up their room, put away their shoes, or help set the dinner table, pick a song to help make the job more appealing. “Scoot Scoot” is a great catchy tune to play when trying to get your kids out the door on time for school. There is even a cover of “You’ve Got a Friend In Me!” We know music helps make almost anything better (think of all those calories you will burn dancing).

To accompany the new album, make chore time fun with games, or fun reward charts for completing chores in a timely manner. Use this time to teach your kids responsibility and how important it is to help one another. These are life lessons that they can carry with them throughout life from a very early age. Also think of unique chores, such as recycling and teach them how to keep the earth clean. You can create a recycling center in your home and teach your kids which materials to place where for appropriate disposal. Or you can get them to help you plant a garden or flowers in the spring.

Be sure to download this free chore printable below!

Chore ChartI hope you and your family will be inspired by Pep and Perk to make chore time the new fun time in your home!

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