You Can’t Always be Wonder Woman


Some days are just yuck, no matter how hard you try to make them better.

I can read all the motivational quotes, take five-hundred deep breaths, stop and pray over and over for the anxiety to lift, tell myself it will all be ok…but the mind is a powerful thing. It makes you feel like you are falling off the deep end and fast. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life. I would say I have the typical cliché #blessed life. I, and my kids, are in good health; we have a roof over our heads and food in the kitchen and many, many things we don’t need or deserve but are happy to have.

You Can't Always be Wonder Woman
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But that doesn’t mean everyday is sunshine and flowers and that we aren’t allowed to have a bad day (or ten!).

I have often felt pushed to my limits. No one major thing leads me there, but it is like the snowball effect where the little things just keep piling on. I think any parent can relate to what it is like to be responsible for not only yourself, but tiny humans as well. You have to do everything and think about every decision, once for yourself, then twice for them.

I pride myself on being a strong, independent woman who generally doesn’t need a man around the house to make this household run. I can financially support myself and the kids (that is a good thing too considering the lack of effort from the other side, but I will save that for another day). I have a wonderful, meaningful job that I love, and where I feel valued. I have been single long enough that I have settled in to my “who run the world, girls” motto (hehe).

But some days I want to retreat to a corner and just cry because I feel overworked, overrun and over it!

I have a major support system, praise the Lord! everI feel sad for those that do not, because without mine, I don’t know how I could get anything done. My parents are always willing and happy to watch the girls for me. But as any parent also knows, dropping the kids off to go have “me” time whether that is dinner with friends, gym time, or shopping- it can cause major guilt! But I think it is so very important to give yourself some quality alone or adult time.

You Can't Always be Wonder Woman You cannot be the best parent to your kids if you are frazzled and burnt out.

I know I am not the only one- there are so many parents (men and women) who do it ALL! Raise their kids, work full time, do the laundry, clean the house, get the groceries- all while trying to stay sane and trying to make sure they take care of their own mental health and happiness. I tip my hat to you all! You are such kings and queens in my mind! And kids will never forget the sacrifices their parents made for them.

Bad times don’t last and hard times make you stronger.

This I know to be true, because my bad days are good days compared to others struggles. I just hope that if you are reading this and have ever been in my shoes or situation, you know how amazingly awesome you are and that tomorrow is always a new day.

Don’t try to be Wonder Woman. You are human and you deserve grace too.


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