Where to Find Hot Cocoa Bombs in the Nashville Area


Winter time is near, and it is time to stir up your hot drinks. I love hot teas, coffees and ciders, but hot cocoa seems to be a favorite among many- even my kids will drink it!
If you have taken notice the last few year, hot cocoa bombs have become a very big trend.

Where to Find Hot Cocoa Bombs in the Nashville AreaWhat is a hot cocoa bomb? It is basically a chocolate orb filled with cocoa mix, marshmallows, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and many other edible ingredients. There are so many varieties and flavors to choose from- I even had mint and cookies and cream last year. Add it to a glass of warm milk (or water for those who or dairy free) and watch it do it’s thing- it should explode into a mug of goodness! It is such a fun experiment to do with the kiddos!

These days, you really should be able to find them packaged anywhere from Walmart to Target to PopShelf. Those are great for mailing and gift gifting for family that is not near, but I encourage you to shop small from the local list we have gathered for you! You are also sure to find them at all the holiday trade and craft shows!

Where to Find Hot Cocoa Bombs in the Nashville Area

615CocoaLocols- Nashville
Delivery & local pick up available

City Girl Chocolates- Nashville

Tempered Fine Chocolates- Nashville

Cabbit Cakes- Nashville

Sweet Bombs- Nashville

Sugar Drop Cafe & Dessert Boutique- Franklin

Sugar Magnolia Bakehouse- Spring Hill

Bita Cupcakes- Spring Hill

Muffin’s Kitchen- Franklin

Dreamy Confections- Portland

Tasty Treats by Theeps- Nolensville

Golden Sun Sweets- Gallatin

M’s Sweet Treats- Smyrna, TN

Did we miss your favorite spot to buy hot cocoa bombs?

Please share with us!

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