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We are finally here. We’ve been planning and dreaming and working really hard (and having a lot of fun too!) – all in order to be able to introduce the Nashville Moms Blog to you – the moms who live and work and mother in the city we love and call home—Nashville!


When my youngest was born, my husband and I decided that we could manage things so that I could stay home with him. From nursing to diapering, from sleeping to…er, not sleeping, from talking to walking – it has all been an adventure that I could not have planned or dreamed for myself. In this mostly wondrous (though sometimes disastrous) time of life, I was able to build a network of friendship with neighborhood moms through my local MOMS Club. These mamas helped me feel like it might be normal to be going crazy some days. They opened up their lives and their stories to me in a way that showed me that my choices for my family were my choices to make – and that didn’t make them right or wrong if they were different from someone else’s choices. I got to see how other mother’s parented as well as how other kids learned. They became an island of hope for me.

This experience was such a gift to me, and I wanted to be able to give it to other mothers as well. I wanted to provide a local resource to those who didn’t have one – and to add a network for moms to the other great offerings of our city.  I wanted to make a place where all moms feel welcomed – even with the messy hair, baby food covered t-shirts, and pajama pants that might or might not have been worn three days in a row that can go along with this wild ride we call motherhood!

So pull up a chair (or settle into your couch), pour yourself another cup of coffee or tea, and jump in!  Comment, introduce yourself, and tell us your story.  We want to get to know you, and for you to get to know us!  Click around the site and check out our contributors and learn all about us.  Be sure to check out our giveaway tab and take part in our launch giveaways in celebration of our kickoff.

We are so very glad you’re here!


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Meg Wicks
Meg considers herself to be a certified chaos coordinator. A mom of three, she's a long-time resident of Nashville and can't imagine a better city for raising her family. Meg lives with ADHD, a renovation and project obsessed husband, a teenage driver, a lego-obsessed kiddo, and a budding artist. Her nerves — and the bottoms of her feet — are finished with the day by 2pm. Meanwhile, every surface is covered with renovation dust and paint — or flour from her escape baking. In her spare time (irony), you can find her running (hi, stress relief!) and working on freelance editing and writing gigs.


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