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Top Ten Posts NMB 2015

The Nashville Moms Blog team works hard to bring you incredible content year round—from shared experiences to useful information about events and local businesses around town. To celebrate a year of accomplishments and growth (we grew to 3,000 followers on Facebook and surpassed 1,000 followers on both Instagram & Twitter!), we’ve put together a list of our top ten posts from 2015. BONUS POINTS to you if you’ve managed to catch each post as it’s published daily! But even we can’t always remember all the great information, tips, and advice that has come across our site, so here’s your chance to go back and check out our best—all in one place.

Without further ado, here’s a look back at our top ten most widely read posts from 2015 (in no particular order). Enjoy!

Nashvilles Free Inexpensive Indoor Fun for Kids NashvilleMomsBlog

Nashville’s FREE & Inexpensive Indoor Fun for Kids!

This one remains a crowd favorite! We put it together because we, as fellow moms, share the struggle of finding something to do with cabin-fever ridden kids who’ve been indoors too long when the weather is not cooperating. Whether you’re looking for a quiet story hour, bounce houses, climbing space, or just something new to try—this is your one stop shop for keeping them busy without emptying your wallet.



10 Ways Ruined My Child NashvilleMomsBlog

10 Ways I’ve Ruined My Child

“If you’ve been a parent long (or even mentioned the idea of wanting to be a parent) or just announced a pregnancy, you’ve gotten a barrage of unsolicited-yet-possibly-well-meaning advice—things you should do, things you shouldn’t do, and everything in between. “You’re going to ruin that baby if you do/don’t do (insert any action or activity).”

In honor of the dozens of times…hundreds of times, even…that I’ve heard that statement, here are (at least) 10 Ways I’ve Ruined My Child…”

How I Unintentionally Became A Bed-Sharer NashvilleMomsBlog

How I (Unintentionally) Became a Bed-Sharer — And Nine Tips on How to Bed-Share Safely

“I heard ALL the advice against sharing my bed with my baby. ALL. Of. It. I accidentally dozed off while holding him in the hospital, and they laid the law down hard. I could almost taste their disapproval…

Telling mothers not to sleep with their babies is not entirely unlike telling teenagers not to have sex. They might listen to you—but you probably ought to teach them about safe sex just in case. Here are some of the best tips I have found in my quest for safe sleep—just in case…”

Where Kids Eat Free in Nashville NashvilleMomsBlog

Where Kids Eat Free (Or Cheap) In Nashville!

Seriously—who doesn’t need this list?

“I love a good deal. Finding bargains is a game to me. I also love to eat, so combining those two things is pretty much as good as it gets. Some nights you just don’t feel like cooking, and that’s where this post comes in super-handy! For you (and let’s be honest—for myself), I have compiled a list of places in and around Nashville where kids can eat free or for very cheap! As with all deals, PLEASE call ahead to see if the location nearest you participates in the deal…”



Motherhood Unexpected My Child with Disabilities Doesn't Need Your Pity NashvilleMomsBlog

“This is not the motherhood I pictured. There. I said it. At least, it’s not the motherhood I daydreamed about when I placed my hands on my smooth, round belly and delighted in the movement stirring inside. I knew I was having the little girl I’d always wanted, and I was thrilled. I pictured delicate ballet slippers (not leg braces), a fancy bicycle with colorful streamers (not a wheelchair), and dress-up tea parties complete with pink frosted confections (not a feeding tube)…”


The Myth of the Mom Identity NashvilleMomsblog

The Myth of the Mom Identity

“It’s ok to be all in, all the time, if you want to be. Just like no mother should feel ashamed about not having time (or desire!) to do a daily art project with her kids while frosting scratch-made cupcakes, no mother should feel ashamed for enjoying those very things…
I realize now that in becoming a mother, I didn’t lose my identity. I found it. I picked up another piece of who I am, a piece I didn’t know I could have, a piece that would end up completing me. After all, one’s identity isn’t a fragile organism that she must guard and protect; it’s multi-faceted, ever-growing, ever-evolving…ever-beautifying…”



“Now, over two years later, my life looks unimaginably different than it did in those grandiose plans I drew up when I was younger and adorably ignorant. I have a sink fully of dirty dishes, and I haven’t seen my blower dryer in 9 months. There is a stegosaurus in my shower, my butt is getting kind of big, and I probably won’t go to the bathroom by myself for at least the next three years. I spend my days building pretend campfires with my son, sticking my tongue out at my 10 week old twins, and collapsing into bed with my husband—who has never liked girls in red lipstick anyway. (God bless him!) I still love going to yoga, and if somebody teleported me to a wine bar, I wouldn’t be mad at them. However, I really just don’t care too much about those things anymore. And nobody is more surprised by this fact than I am…”

5 Tips Potty Training Toddler NashvilleMomsBlog

5 Tips for Potty Training Your Toddler :: A Parent’s Guide

“When potty training your child, you will receive a lot of different advice from friends and family, but ultimately, you must do what is right for your child’s specific needs and tailor your approach to fit his learning style. There is no universal formula, and each family must find what works best for them. By working with your child and keeping a positive attitude, this will be one of the most rewarding experiences yet as you see your child grow up right before your eyes…”


Fatherhood Parenting vs Babysitting NashvilleMomsBlog

Fatherhood & Marriage: Parenting vs Babysitting

“The use of the (wrong) word shows a lack of responsibility and a lack of expectation. It’s a part of the larger issue—the fact that women are expected to be the care-givers and men are expected to make bank. In a culture that is increasingly full of stay-at-home dads and equal partnerships, this concept is outdated at the very least. The incorrect use of the word “babysitting” is a hold-over from a different era. We’ve got a lot of these little minefields that are wrapped up in our daily language (and actions), and I think we need to start killing them softly so we can get on with our lives…”

Don't Panic Its Only A Minivan NashvilleMomsBlog

Don’t Panic! It’s Only a Minivan!

“Long live the Minivan! Buying a ”Mom Car” doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a future of Sunsweet spritzers and Matlock. It just means you have a really awesome vehicle that’s big enough for the really awesome passengers in your life. (Plus, if you get bored with it, you can always paint some flames on the side.)”

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