The Best Way to Keep Your Family Safe Online


These days, you can basically do anything (and everything!) online . . . ordering groceries for the week (or even a bottle of wine when you need it), hiring a handyman to fix your kitchen sink, or booking a house on Airbnb . . . all in just a couple of clicks.

It’s just so darn convenient! 

If you want it, Google it — and there’s probably an app for it. But let’s be honest . . . it can be scary too. How do you know if you can trust that babysitter you found on your new favorite childcare app? Or whether that Airbnb host is on the up-and-up? (A friend of mine told me recently that her sister thought she was renting from a 20-something woman in California who turned out to be a 60+ year old man in DC!)

There are so many great businesses and opportunities out there to make our lives easier. But the people we interact with online are usually complete strangers. Sure . . . they seem nice, have a good photo, and enough reviews and ratings. But what do you really know about them? And how can you know who you should trust around your family and in your home?

Now there’s a simple way. It’s called a SafetyPIN Trust Badge, and it’s the best way to know that the person you’re talking to online — and may work with offline — is trustworthy and safe.

Behind every SafetyPIN is a comprehensive criminal background check, a financial history screening, an ID verification, and their proprietary behavioral review. When someone meets all the criteria, they get a unique 8-digit PIN that lets you know they can be trusted around your family. 

Plus, SafetyPIN keeps re-screening people. And they revoke the person’s PIN if something new pops up.

How does SafetyPIN provide instant peace of mind that someone can be trusted in real life? It’s through that proprietary 4-pronged process that was developed with a team of experts — including criminal profilers and clinical and forensic psychologists. Plus, it’s endorsed by the former White House security chief who worked in the Secret Service under four U.S. Presidents!  (Hey, if he knows how to protect the most important families in the world, I trust him to help protect the one most important to me — mine!)

SafetyPIN safety contractor online

SafetyPIN’s on a mission to make the Internet a safer place for families like ours everywhere. And they’ve made it super easy.

Need a last-minute sitter to rescue date night? Ask for a SafetyPIN.

Want someone from that app to come clean the gutters? Ask for a SafetyPIN.

Looking for someone to take care of your parents? Ask for a SafetyPIN.

Before you invite anyone into your home and around your family — even if it is just for a few minutes to pick up that old washing machine you sold on Craigslist — ask for their SafetyPIN to make sure they can be trusted.

Jenny Thompson started SafeyPIN when the pet sitter she hired from Craigslist left her dogs alone — and faked her own death when she got caught! (Seriously!) Just look at these faces . . .

It’s simple: before you meet anyone offline, just ask to see their SafetyPIN. If they don’t have one, they can apply for just $1 at

Here’s a quick video that explains more about how you can use a SafetyPIN to keep your family safer when you meet someone online that you may end up meeting offline:

This post was sponsored by SafetyPIN; however, we only work with businesses we believe to be reputable and resourceful for our readers.


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